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5 Things To Remember Before You Book Your 2015 Walt Disney World Vacation

2015 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Available for booking!
2015 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Available for booking!

Today is that day that Walt Disney World ends our long-time suffering and reveals the package rates for your magical 2015 vacation.

Before you get caught up in the frenzy, there are a few important things to remember before you book your future Disney vacation:

  • These rates are rack rates-Yes, these rates are full price, yes they will be higher than last year as there is a historical rate of increase for packages on an annual basis. Remember that even after you book your package by placing your refundable $200 deposit, if a promotion is released later on, it can be applied to your reservation. If you're using an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner they should be monitoring your reservation automatically.
  • Magic always comes with a price-Just like Rumpelstiltskin says, "magic always comes with a price". Each year the room, tickets and dining packages are raised, so don't be horrified when you see rates for next year. This happens every year, saying you're going to boycott a Disney vacation this year because of it won't put you any closer to the Magic Kingdom. You have to wait it out and believe that the dream that you wish, will come true.
  • Book the vacation you can afford-I don't know about you, but my magic wand is broken. My magic wand wants me to book three week vacations at a deluxe resort, concierge level with all kinds of private specialty experiences, and I wouldn't mind a few nights in Cinderella's Castle either. Since my wand is broken, I have to be practical and pick my favorite moderate resort and weigh my length of stay vs. ticket options and book a vacation that I can actually afford. Book a package you are comfortable with in the "worst case scenario". Plan the vacation as if a discount will never be released and then you can upgrade later when discounts are released, or be pleasantly surprised when you can add to your "Mickey money" stash.
  • Use a travel agent-Yes, being a travel agent is magical and I love my job, always have and always will, but it doesn't bring obscene amounts of money rolling in, unfortunately, it barely helps subsidize my own Disney travel obsession. A good agent will always be looking out for your best interests, which generally speaking is not ours. When your price goes down, so does our payment, so pick someone you trust to operate in your best interest. Be clear about what you want, which parts you want to plan and which parts you want help with. If you can’t communicate freely with your agent, you have the wrong agent.
  • Stick to the timeline-You've been waiting a long time to get your Walt Disney World vacation package all set and get that magical confirmation number stating you are "official". Packages can be booked for travel up to 499 days in advance but there's a timeline for planning your vacation, so stick to the timeline and you won't drive yourself crazy with needless frustration before it's time.

Vacation planning timeline (days listed are the number prior to your check-in date):

  • 180 days-advanced dining reservations
  • 60 days-FastPass+ selections (onsite guests)
  • 30 days-FastPass+ selections (offsite guests)
  • 45 days-Magic Band Customization
  • 45 days-Final payment due

Now that you have had a refresher course on what to expect for 2015, it's time to request your FREE no obligation quote!

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