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5 things to prepare for back-to-school

5 back to school tips
5 back to school tips
Cristine Struble

Whether your children have had their first day in the books or they are anxiously awaiting a new teacher and classroom, back to school preparedness is on parents' minds. While the to-do list is often quite long, five items should be on the top of that list. These five items can make the school year a happy and healthy one.

1. Whip your immune system into shape

Schools are hot beds for illness. When all the students return, those first few days can be a breeding ground for illness. Make sure your children are current on all their important vaccinations to protect them as flu season begins. Additionally, give the kids a good foundation with their nutrition. Foods high in vitamin C help with immunity. . According to Dr. DeSilva, of Amazon Origins, “foods high in Vitamin C provide help the body produce Collagen, which promotes the body’s natural healing process.” What foods are highest in Vitamin C levels? Foods like Camu Camu berries, Red/Green peppers, and Guavas have high levels.

2. Visit the eye doctor

According to Vision Council of America, “One in four American children has an uncorrected vision issue.. [and] more than 10 million children suffer from vision problems that may cause them to fail in school.” A visit to an eye doctor can detect problems in the early stages. Ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler also adds, “It's important to correct these issues, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, before they create more serious complications such as difficulty learning or the development of recurrent headaches.

3. Update emergency and medical contact information

In the event of an emergency, finding necessary contact information could be the difference between a small problem and a huge disaster. Provide the school with current emergency and medical contact information. Also, keep a second copy at home for babysitters or caregivers.

4. Retrain your sleep cycle

The alarm clock can be a dreaded sound on the first day back to school. Re-training your body to wake at an earlier hour can make the day a little better. While you may still need the boost of an alarm clock, not taking naps throughout the day, avoiding nightlights, and going to bed a little earlier can help with the school schedule.

5. Get organized

Organization can save time and money. No parent wants a morning to be more stressful because kids can't find homework or shoes. Things like outfits and lunches can all be prepared the night before you need them, which can create a less stressful morning.

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