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3 things to look for before dating him

5 things

To follow up on my last article on being exclusive, I wanted to explain a few red flags that will help you decide whether or not he's the mm to your bop.

1) How he talks about other girls.

It's one thing to tell you that you're the prettiest girl in the room, but it's another thing to say "that girl has the biggest nose. I don't know what guys see in her." This is a sign of insecurity and immaturity. That is the only explanation for it.

2) How he talks to/about his parents

It's extremely cliche but also extremely important that he treats his parents with respect. But even if he does say "yes ma'am" and "no sir" when speaking to them, how he talks about them is also important. If he's constantly complaining about his mom being a bitch or his dad being a lazy alcoholic, that's a red flag for immaturity and narrow-mindedness.

3) How pushy he is.

Whether he's asking for a handy under the dinner table or to hang at your house instead of his, how does he react to being told "no"? There is only one right answer. The correct response is to accept your decision and reassure you that decision is perfectly fine. If he displays any persistence, it's a deal breaker. It directly indicates selfishness, disrespect, and lack of emotion.

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