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5 things to do if you're tired of being single on V-day

As Valentine's Day approaches, it can be an exciting holiday for couples and a rather depressing one for singles. Sure, you could spend the holiday with friends and family, but there's still a part of you that wants your celebration of this holiday to include some romance. Are you tired of being single on V-day?

Don't be afraid to try online dating!
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Here are 5 things you can do to make sure you are coupled up by this time next year!

  • Sign up for a dating website - The question for a lot of singles is "When should I start online dating?". Even though online dating has been around for years, for many people, there is still the stigma that online dating is embarrassing and something you should be ashamed of. And for many people, it is seen as absolutely a last result. But forget about all the stigmas and stereotypes and just put yourself out there! Chances are, you're really busy with work and don't have time to meet anyone (outside of your work). And let's be honest, the romantic love at first sight in the bookstore or grocery store is probably definitely not gonna happen.
  • Join community groups - If all you do is sit in your house and complain about the city or town you live in and talk about how there's nothing to do, guess what? You won't have anything to do! And you definitely can't meet your mate by going to work and straight home every day. You absolutely have to get out and get involved in at least one thing if you want to meet people. Get involved with your fraternity or sorority. Join an organization tied to your career or with other young professionals. Get involved in your church. Find your niche. There is something for everybody.
  • Stop complaining about being single - God cannot bless you when you're constantly speaking negativity over your life. "I can't ever find a man"... "I'm just gonna always be alone"... " "The woman for me is just not out there"... You keep speaking these negative thoughts over your life and what you fear will come to pass. Instead, try speaking what you want to happen into existence. Make a vision board. And include positive words and pictures that describe the relationship and family that you want to have.
  • Relax your standards - Open yourself up to the possibility of love. Relaxing your standards is not the same as losing them altogether. It just means stop being so rigid and picky. The love of your life will probably surprise you and not be in the exact packaging you have designed in your mind. Don't block your blessing by ruling out anyone who doesn't meet your unrealistic standards.
  • Work on yourself - Take some time to really and truly work on self improvement. Read books. Go to plays. Work on your relationship with God. Become the type of person you would want your future spouse to be. Become the type of person your future spouse deserves. You attract what is inside of you, so chances are, if you are a mess, you will attract someone who is also a mess!

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