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5 things that will change with Tebow at QB


Now that the Denver Broncos have officially made the change to Tim Tebow at quarterback, it remains to be seen just how much of an impact it will make. It is universally understood that the Broncos struggles run much deeper than just the QB, but many fans are hoping that the change to Tebow will provide different results regarding the outcome of games. Is it possible to change one piece of the puzzle and receive completely different results? The Denver Broncos and their fans will know the answer to this question in just a few short weeks. So let’s get to the 5 things that will change with Tebow at quarterback.

  1. The number one change will be the level of intensity. Tim Tebow exudes enthusiasm and work ethic. Part of the reason that he has been so successful and so chastised at the same time is that Tim never wants to give up on a play. Tebow is intense, he believes there is always a way to gain a yard, score a touchdown and to give his team a chance to win. Intensity is something that was severely lacking from a Denver Broncos offense that was barely limping by.

  2. The second thing that will change with Tebow at quarterback is the level of excitement. Through 5 weeks of the 2011 season the Denver Broncos offense has been nearly painful to watch. It was plain and predictable, which translated into it being easily defendable. If the fans at home can predict the receiver that the pass is going to on 3rd down 80% of the time, you can be sure opposing defenses are clued in as well. Tebow is anything but predictable at QB. He will be running the same offense as Kyle Orton was, save for some called QB runs, but expect a much more exciting offense.

  3. The third change that will come about with the move to Tebow is the number of wins the Broncos have. Look for Tebow to win his first game out of the gate against Miami, although Vegas don’t think so. The Broncos who enter the game with a 1-4 record are underdogs to the winless Miami Dolphins. The Broncos have some tough games remaining on their schedule, but look for the infectious Tebow to find a way to win some that the Broncos otherwise would have lost.

  4. The fourth thing that will change with Tebow at quarterback will be the Bronco’s redzone effectiveness. Too often in years past the Broncos have settled for field goals in the redzone and those valuable points have cost them games. There is no doubt that Tebow is an incredible weapon inside the 20 yard line and his abilities will dramatically increase the Broncos chances of converting those opportunities into touchdowns.

  5. The fifth change and possibly the greatest will be the leadership. Kyle Orton was voted a team captain in the beginning of the season and has now been replaced by his backup. Some analysts think that a change like this has the possibility of dividing the team and ruining the chemistry. Don’t look for that to be a problem. Tim Tebow is a leader and as such will win over this team and give them something that they have been searching for since John Elway left. This team has been in dire need of a motivator, a leader and someone to be the face of this franchise. If Tebow can produce at a level anywhere near the level of his college career he will be a key piece in the rebuilding of the Broncos franchise. It takes a special kind of person to be the quarterback and leader of an NFL team and the Broncos have had no luck finding a replacement for the iconic Elway who has recently rejoined the team in a front office role.

Tebow has shown that he can lead, shown that he can motivate, that he will not be out worked, it just remains to be seen if he can be a successful NFL quarterback, minor details.


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