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5 Things men wish women knew about them

There are a lot of things men wish women knew about them. By taking the time to learn these things women will be able to find the answer to the questions: Does he really love me? And, How do I make him love me?
There are a lot of things men wish women knew about them. By taking the time to learn these things women will be able to find the answer to the questions: Does he really love me? And, How do I make him love me?
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Have you ever wished you knew what a man was thinking? Men are very mysterious for the most part and trying to figure out what is on their minds most of the time can be very challenging. If you had the ability to read any man's mind, what is the one question you would want the answer to? There are a lot of things that men wish women knew about them and there are a lot of men who are willing to give women the answers they are searching for. After reading through this short list of things men wish women knew about them, you will have the opportunity to find out a lot more than you ever thought you would.

He loves you

Men have been trained not to show emotions the same way women are, so it is hard for women to believe men when they tell women how much they are loved. Men want their women to know that they love them more than anything, and that women are the oxygen that they need in order to breathe; however, many women are unable to figure out how much they are loved or have a hard time believing that any man could love her as much as her man is saying he loves her. It's true, he really loves you!

Men don't like women who play hard to get

If you are really into a man then it is best to let your feelings be known. Contrary to popular belief, men do not like it when women play hard to get. It can be very difficult to read what women are after when they are playing games, and most men do not like women who play any type of games. If you like a man, then make it clear that you are into him or he may put you on the "friends list" and go looking for another woman.

If he's with you then he wants you...not your best friend, sister, or the girl next door

Many women are very insecure in their relationships with men, and for men that can be a real turn off. If he is constantly having to defend himself in regards to other women when the truth is that he only wants you, then he is going to eventually get tired of the relationship and break it off. If a man is with you then assume that he only wants you until he gives you reason to assume otherwise.

He wants to hang with the fellas

No matter how much a man loves you, there are times that he would rather be hanging out with his friends rather than spending time with you. Why is that? It's simply because when he is with his friends he feels like a different person. He is in a stress free environment that does not include the same responsibilities as his relationship with you requires. Simply put, he feels the same way you do when you are hanging out with your friends instead of him.

Men crave affection just as much as women

Men love hugs, kisses, and hand holding even if they act like they don't in certain situations. There is something inside of every man that wants to be loved as much as he loves the woman he is with, and regardless of what women might believe, every hug, kiss, or hand held does not have to lead to sex. Just because it sometimes does lead to sex, most men are just happy to be loving on the woman they are with and do not need it to go any further.

Want to learn more about what men want you to know but would never come out and tell you? Relationship Michael Fiore took a survey of 30,000 men asking, “What’s the one thing you desperately wish your woman knew about men but could never tell her?” The results are astonishing! Check out the survey results on his website here.

If you are like most women there are two main reasons you wish you knew what men are thinking:

1) You want to know if he really loves you

2) You want to know how to make him love you

Knowing what men really think will help you get the answers to these two questions. In fact, just taking the time to watch this video on Michael Fiore's website will help you gain more understanding into what men are thinking than you could ever hope for! Take a look today and you will be able to get the answers you are searching for by learning what men really want you to know.

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