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5 things every college student should have in their dorm

Empty dorm room
Empty dorm room

Can you believe that it's already August? Colleges will be opening their doors for the incoming freshmen very soon. Living in a dorm is definitely a different experience than being at home. You already have everything at home. Your dorm comes with a bed, a desk and other small furniture. You have to bring everything else. Below is a list of 5 things that every college student should have in their dorm.

Bedding Supplies

Make sure you bring bedding supplies with you because your dorm will not have any in there. Bedding supplies includes sheets, blankets, mattress pad and pillows.


Bring your own towels. Bring a few of them. For some reason they tend to disappear.

Trash Can

You can only hang a plastic bag on your door knob for so long before trash gets everywhere. Get a trash can to help alleviate any trash problems you may have.

Power Strip

Dorms typically have only a few electrical sockets. Having a power strip allows you to plug a greater amount of gadgets up such as a computer, TV or phone charger.

Bed Lifts

Bed lifts are another must have for college students. Dorm rooms are not the biggest. Bed Lifts allow you to lift your bed a little higher. You will be able to store more things under the bed, thus creating more space in your room.

That's just a brief list of items that college freshmen should bring with them. I know there are a lot more things that a student could bring. I know some schools allow their students to bring microwaves and George Foreman grills while others do not. Check with you resident director before you bring certain items.

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