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5 surprising celebrity animal lovers

Ian Somerhalder is an avid animal welfare advocate.

Superstars in all walks of life have the ability to do or promote just about anything they want. Thankfully for pets and animals, there are those who would selflessly dedicate their time to promote the welfare and good treatment of pets and other wildlife. Below are just a few examples of celebrities who advocate for those who can do nothing for them!

Ellen DeGeneres

This famous female comedian once touted in an interview that she wanted to be a veterinarian as a child. In fall of 2012 she launched a Facebook game that would allow players to donate in game currency to animal charities of their choice. Additionally, this superstar is the co-owner of Purely for Pets, Halo, and a pet care company that inspires pet owners to use a holistic approach to caring for their beloved fur-babies.

Bob Barker

You most likely know this happy-go-lucky game show host from the ever popular The Price Is Right. In 1985 he was the spokesperson for Be Kind To Animals Week. Two years later, he stepped down as the Miss USA Pageant, as they offered real furs as prizes. Bob's DJ&T Foundation encourages people to spay and neuter their pets to help avoid pet overpopulation, which is an ever present issue even today. The foundation has raised millions of dollars and supports programs that spay and neuter pets.

Ian Somerhalder

The smoldering older brother in The Vampire Diaries, is a well known advocate of pet and animal welfare, and even began his own group, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. It has raised money to build animal sanctuaries for stray and homeless pets.

Adam Levine

Superstar front man of the well known group Maroon 5, reportedly shelled out nearly 50,000 dollars for his ailing golden retriever, and another 10,000 for his yellow Labrador in 2013. Unfortunately, his golden retriever, Frankie Girl, passed away despite the attempts. Adam also strongly advocates for the adoption of shelter pets in his spare time, and it is not unheard of Adam to spread awareness about such causes during his talk show interviews.

Dave Navarro

Jane's Addiction frontman Dave Navarro may have a reputation for being a bad boy, but he emotionall touts, "Some of the simple things you can do to help save animals is not buy fur, stay away from products that have been animal tested. It's really very, very simple to just support something or buy something that doesn't brutalize animals like this." Dave was once an avid fur wearer, until he had an unfortunate run in with a video of animals being skinned alive for their pelts. He described it as "the most horrific, inhumane thing I've ever seen." He later went on to pose nude to raise awareness for the cause, hoping to encourage others to avoid real furs and products tested on animals.

Celebrities have the benefit of fame on their side when it comes to causes and awareness, and often times, they can encourage people to get involved where they might not have before. Do what you can to help these superstars advocate for animals by getting involved!

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