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5 surefire Catholic secrets for finding Jesus in our midst

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When Jesus addressed the people, and His disciples (Matthew 23:1-12), He laid out the groundwork for retaining a spiritual sense of Jesus' presence wherever we may be. For the Lord revealed 5 surefire ways to remain on the narrow Way of His Mercy and His Love.

Jesus told the people, concerning the religious authorities (the scribes and the Pharisees), 'do what they tell you and listen to what they say; but do not be guided by what they do...' Likewise, the Catholic Church teaches us through Her Tradition, Teaching Magisterium, and through Sacred Scripture, the fullness of Truth in Jesus Christ--in addition, Holy Mother Church teaches us through the lives of the saints. We must remember, however, that all humanity is fallible, and even the saint has had to repent, and grow in the Merciful grace of God. Therefore, the messenger must be respected for their message, but they must not be mistake for the One who sent them.

Jesus spoke of the Pharisees hypocrisy, their pride, and their lack of charity. Seeing Jesus in the poor, and perceiving Him through graced repentance for our sins, cannot occur when we are puffed up with pride, nor can it occur when we are duplicitous in hypocrisy, or lacking in charity. Jesus is clear to our spiritual vision when we are humble, repentant, and compassionate.

Jesus tells us we must not seek to be the Rabbi. In other words we must not be like the rich and powerful in this passing world, those who seek adoration. For there is only One God, and there are many, many fools like us.

Likewise, Jesus tells us that we must not allow ourselves to become self-decorated guru's (Teachers). We are not the source of Wisdom; God alone is. We may receive it as a gift, we may share it charitably, but we must not get lost in our own supposed brilliance. All of our gifts must remain gifts, or they may become the peacock feathers which puff us up in foolish pride.

Finally, we must become servants. We must humble ourselves. We must admit our weakness along with our strength, pointing to God in our glory, and praying for grace and forgiveness in our failures.

These are 5 surefire Catholic secrets for finding Jesus in our midst.