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5 Subconscious blocks to your New Year success

Make this year a success!
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As we enter the New Year, many of us are setting goals and creating resolutions so that this year can be different from last year. So, millions of people are currently attempting new behaviors that they are hoping will create new and desired results in their lives. They have an image of what they want and are hoping to be successful this year!

However, even with a clear vision, we can still fall down, regress or flat out fail when we attempt to do things differently in the hopes of creating success. This is because our actions are driven by emotions and our emotions are the result of our thoughts. To create success this year, we must understand the subconscious thought patterns that might trip us up along the way so that we can recognize and overcome them when we run into them.

Here are 5 subconscious fears that block us from success:

1. The fear of change will keep us from stepping into the unknown. Whether your New Year resolution is business related, relationship oriented or the desire to eliminate an unwanted habit or lose weight, each of these areas will require change that is at first unfamiliar. We tend to be more comfortable with what we know and the desire to be comfortable can often outweigh the desire to create that new result that would feel successful. So, we need to ask ourselves, do we want to be comfy or successful? Because there will be periods of time that are uncomfortable while on the road to creating success.

2. The fear of success is usually a result of us having seen someone in the past that had success and then either lose it or got hurt somehow as a result. We often would rather not have had it to begin with rather than having it and then experiencing it being taken away from us.

3. The fear of failure is the idea that if we really try our best and things don’t work out that it will mean that we just aren’t good enough to have what we want. This stops us in our tracks because it is a core, limiting belief for many of us.

4. The fear of unworthiness causes us to sabotage our success because it causes us to worry about what others think of us. We get scared that we’re going to get “found out” as not being deserving of our roles. We might bend over backwards for people so that they like us and don’t ever think badly of us. This behavior exhausts our energy and scatters our focus so that we can’t move forward powerfully.

5. The fear of losing identity can be a block. Often we are afraid that if we were to reach our goals and experience success that we would lose ourselves. This brings up the concern that if we get what want that it will change us in some way.

Understanding these 5 fears is important because when the mind has a reason to fear something, it will do everything in its power to keep that thing from happening in order to protect us from what it perceives to be potentially harmful.

In fact, we are subconsciously programed to protect ourselves so that we are loved and accepted by others, feel good enough, and are safe from harm.

For example, if you’re afraid that success will cost you the love and acceptance of people in your life, then you will subconsciously find ways to sabotage that success because the fear of what you would lose would be stronger in you than the desire for what you stand to gain.

So, our first step is to identify exactly which subconscious fears are currently blocking us from achieving our goals. Then, we can question them and find out how these thoughts are serving us and how they are sabotaging us. Once we have new insight about ourselves and our goals, we can apply this empowered perspective towards making our resolutions a success!

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