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5 Strategies For Writing An Attention Getting Cover Letter

As many times as it is talked, about job seekers and career changers forget that the purpose of a cover letter is to entice the reader to want to read the resume attached. Your cover letter is an expected business document. Please so not make funny jokes on it. Although, some hiring managers read it and some may not, those who do read it will be expecting a well written document and it will factor into consideration in the overall candidate evaluation. Here are 5 Strategies For Writing An Attention Getting Cover Letter:

Strategy#1 - To start, think of 5 success stories that you have had in your professional career. Focus on those accomplishments and achievements that make you proud. After all, your cover letter will be a document that will highlight something about your professional self this is unique and that helps you to stand out. On second thought, be sure to add a note about 3 mistakes that you have made in your professional career and note the things that you have learned as a result. This information will be used as a start to develop your cover letter strategy.

Strategy #2- Next, consider using the Carrot, Corroboration, and Close Strategy. Carrots need to give a fresh, interesting and relevant story to start. Corroboration shows an intelligent understanding of employers' needs and confirms your ability to fill their needs. Close shows a confident finish, suggesting a meeting or inviting hiring managers to take further action.

Strategy #3 - Add a logo to your cover letter. Logos can help your targeted message to stand out!

Strategy #4 - Add a chart to your cover letter. One strategy could be to note the employers' needs in one column and your skills in the other column.

Strategy #5 - Ask either a question or start your cover letter off with a bold statement. For example,

A school counselor made the difference in my life.

If you could delegate work to someone who would do it right the first time, would increase your business, your profits, and your own free time?

A cover letter must not be general or vague. After all a boring, mundane document is useless and wastes precious space for the hiring managers who are seeking qualified applicants.

We hope that you have found our article helpful. Be sure to watch the included video, "Cover Letter Writing Tips For Over $100k Jobs". And if you can't say it, Be sure to see us at "Let Me Write It For You: Job-Winning Resumes and Career Services".

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