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5 Steps to getting a guy to like you by the end of the week

To get a guy to like you, you first have to be likable.
To get a guy to like you, you first have to be likable.

To be honest this topic has been done to death but the question, "How do I get a guy to like me?", never seems to go away. And since it's the beginning of another school year, you may be swimming in thoughts of class schedules and reuniting with friends, but deep down we're all victim to wondering, 'How do I get that cute boy to notice me?' If you're determined (which I know you are because you're reading this article), follow these steps and you'll for sure be on his mind by the end of the week!

  1. Let him know you exist - You noticed him, so he needs to notice you. Sneak a glance while passing him in the hallway, speak up in the classroom, or sign up for the school musical (but not if you'll be noticed as the world's worst singer). Small gestures like this will build up into the most monumental grand gesture--getting your crush to notice you!
  2. Smile - Smile because you're a likable person. Think about it, would he rather approach somebody who's stone cold and shy, or somebody with a carefree smile who's laughing? If you're already shy, these steps will help break through that barrier. It might feel forced at first, but the more things you find to smile at the easier and more natural it will become.
  3. Eye contact - Have you ever been caught with your pants down in front of your classmates? Making eye contact can be just as scary! This may take a few tries to look your crush in the eye, but try holding his gaze for at least 2 seconds (count those Mississippi's in your head). It will feel like an eternity, but instead of telling him you like him let your eyes do it for you. Warning: A short gaze can quickly escalate into a full blown staring contest. Don't be creepy.
  4. Talk to him - More specifically, talk about him. Little known fact, guys like to talk about their favorite subject--themselves! If he's a Cleveland Browns fan, ask him if he's going to any games this fall, or ask him what he thinks about Lebron coming back to Cleveland. Ultimately, you want to find ways to relate to him. Sports are an easy topic, but music, movies, cars and video games are a given too. Stereotypical maybe, but guys can be so typical.
  5. Make him smile - Make a game of it, you're going to crack a smile out of him even if it kills you. Whether that's commiserating over an assignment together or playfully bantering with him over a game of basketball during gym, you want him thinking, 'This girl is super fun, I want to hang out with her more!' If you really want to move things along, you can even add a gentle touch by nudging his shoulder or brushing his arm. There is no way he will forget that!

What's great about these steps is that they can work just about anywhere. Try them in the hallway, at your locker, during class, at lunch, at an after school practice, at the mall, a friend's house, literally anywhere! So there is no excuse why you can't get your crush to like you (even as a friend) by the end of the week!

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