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5 Steps to becoming a Succesful Musician - DIY Approach

In 2009 times were really hard for up and coming musicians and 2010 has so far proven that has not changed at all. That is why artists and bands need to start taking matters into their own hands and start becoming educated on the business they are trying to break into.

The next 5 steps are aimed to help you become more informed about different hot topic issues from creating your own press kit to disturbing your music to building a bigger fan base and many more. The topic of discussion on the mind of everyone lately has been, "How do I know if I am on enough or too many social platforms."

The market is currently saturated with many social networking platforms from On Stage, MySpace, PureVolume, Twitter, Facebook and the list goes on. Below you will see the easy 5 Step DIY approach to this so that you know what are the best sites for you to be on.

1. Even though in recent years MySpace has gone down in the amount of traffic that the site brings, it is still the number one place A&R Reps go to scout and listen for new and up coming artists. It is very important that when you create a MySpace artist account you add as much detail as you can from artist/band bio, to photos, music, upcoming performances, booking & management info (if any), merch and other websites the artist/band can be found on. In most cases bands really do not need to have a band website because the MySpace acts as one.

2. Facebook over recent years has actually gone up in traffic to the website. Because of that it is important to be on this site because of more users only signing up for Facebook and/or the users from MySpace now currently only using Facebook. The good thing about this site is that there are many add-on applications that the artist/band can use such as merch app, promotions, a music player and much more in effort to really help draw the fans into the artist/band.

3. I know this next one is a split decision for most bands but I think it is really starting to win people over. Yes, that's right I am talking about Twitter. Twitter is great for many reasons the top one being the universal connection it has to other networking sites. Instead of going on to MySpace than Facebook and than Twitter and any other sites to update your status you can link the Twitter account to most all sites and update straight from your cell phone through a text message. Nice and simple which is how it should be.

4. With recording devices from cell phones to hand-held cameras and video editing software coming standard in computers both PC and Mac it is no surprise that Youtube is on this list. Youtube helps by hosting your videos may it be a low budget music video to a short interview and pushing it out there to the masses. Just think of OK Go's "Here It Goes Again" low budget video with over a million hits which made them hit and instantly famous.

5. Last but certainly not least is Demand It! by Eventful. This cool widget can be placed on any and all websites and the function is really simple which is always a plus! This is for fans to "Demand" you in their local area. This is a huge help because it shows you exactly where you should tour based on how many fans you have in a certain area. If for example you want to play a show in NYC and have had more demands from fans in the Bohemia & Patchogue area I think it is safe to say that if they took the time to demand you in their town they are willing to go an extra few miles out to the city to see you. Where is if you are playing in NYC but have more demands from the Maine area I don't think they would make the drive.

You may think these sites are perfect for you and others of you might think you have ones that are better suited for your needs but in the end when it comes to Social Networking Sites go with a less is more approach to get the most out of the networking you will be doing.


  • Sammy 5 years ago

    While I agree with some points here in this article, I think there are some sites that should be on this list like iLike and purevolume even though I know you don't agree with that one. But pretty good article other than that...

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