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5 Steps for Healthy & Soft Skin

Don't let weather interfere with your skin any longer.
Don't let weather interfere with your skin any longer.

Cold weather is still in session, but preparing for the spring weather is in order. Harsh weather effects our bodies. Skin plays a major role because of the direct contact and nobody enjoys it constantly rough and dry. Here are some tips to retain that soft skin and be ready to show it off once the warm weather arrives.

Hydrate - Drink lots and lots of water. A healthy, hydrated body will hydrate your skin as well.
Exfoliate - Using a loofah, as well as scrubs once in a while will remove dead skin cells as well as soften the new ones.
Cleanse - Beside exfoliation, the body still needs good cleansing. Keep in mind that sulfates and soaps may still be harsh on the skin, but that doesn't mean gentle body washes won't clean well, such as Dove.
Moisturize - Lotion is a great way to moisturize after cleansing the body. Especially if it contains aloe vera, vitamins or other light oils.
Vitamins - Vitamin A, B, C and E each help. Moisturizers and muliti-vitamins may consist of these as well. If you haven't heard of Be Beautiful which contains biotin (b-vitamin), collagen (amino acids) and antioxidants (vitamins a & c), I would recommend this as a great option for skin and nails as well.

Don't forget about facial care and wearing SPF as well.

Nothing feels better than being healthy and beautiful. Will you give these a try?

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