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5-Star Generals In Charge

 Force-5, Herbie Price, M.P. Scorcese
Force-5, Herbie Price, M.P. Scorcese
Mary Boyd

Taking center and command of their music Boston based music producer’s M.P Scorcese, Herbie Price, and Force-5 are in charge, they have one goal in mind to be heard. These three producers main focus is to, circulate their music through Boston, and other cities, to as many artists as possible.Some of the local artists they have worked with include Chief 100, Crook Firm, Marvel Alexander, and S.T.A.W.Z. Their most recent project involves working with an 11-year old female rapper by the name of Lilah. They produced the track "I'm So Fly" that was played on TOUCH 106.1 FM. This young lady is the hottest young female rapper in Boston, definitely making a name for herself, and her elite team, 5-Star Generals.

Each member of 5-Star Generals each has their own unique style and sound. M.P. Scorcese, also known as Sunni-Carson, is a producer, and also a rapper. He uses heavy drums, piano and synth composition sounds. He has recently released The Mixtape, along with The Sunny Carson Project both available as a free download online now at

The youngest member of the team known as Force-5, is the young Einstein of music. Using percussions, melodic synths, and 70’s bass lines. And last but not least the final member of the dynamic trio Herbie Price. He is considered the perfectionist of the group who tweaks his music until his production is pristine. While in the lab he combines the sounds of boom-bap, 808 drums along with heavy bass lines, and melodies that are truly catchy, and addictive.

I had the opportunity to interview M.P. Scorcese the CEO of the company.

Here is the interview:

Tell me about the name 5-Star Generals? How does this name represent you as a music producer? A 5-Star General is the highest rank in the army, so we feel we are the highest rank when it comes to production.

What type of music do you produce?We produce all genres of music Hip-Hop, Techno, Pop, etc.

What makes your music and sound different from other producers in Boston? Why? Everything from the drum programming, to the instrumentation, also just the way the instruments are played.

Being an independent produce requires you to work twice as hard as major label producer, how do you promote and market yourself? We market and promote our music by all media outlets and the artists.

Have you worked with any R&B singers? Yes, we have. Hopefully we can work with more R&B artists in the future.

Why did you decide to go independent? We decided to brand our name because there are a lot of producers in the industry that no one heard before.

What are the advantages and dis-advantages of being independent? First, it depends if you want world- wide recognition or if you want to maintain your independence. The advantages and dis-advantages can depend on funding and promotion for the project you are working on.

How could someone reach you if they were interested in working with you or buying some of your beats? Contact us at

M.P. Scorcese , CEO of 5-Star Generals Music Production said” I’m not concerned with the quantity of the music, the quality of my work, and production is more important. Determined to reign and rule in the city of Boston they will not stop! 5-Star Generals in charge!


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