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5 special acts of kindness for your child at Valentine's Day

Valentines Day
Valentines Day
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We love our children every day and show them what it means to be kind on a constant basis, displaying to your child that little special act of kindness on Valentine's day only makes the day that more special. Plus your child deserves those random acts of kindness as he or she is your top priority in life and there is no one you love more than your child.

Here you will find 5 ideas for showing special acts of kindness to your child that do not cost a fortune, are exceptional for Valentine's Day and will make your child feel extra special.

Serve a heart shaped muffin for breakfast

Purchase or make a muffin and using a heart shaped cookie cutter, press the cookie cutter into the muffin and surprise your child by serving the special muffin on a festive plate. As an extra special act of kindness, considering serving the heart muffin to your child in bed-kids love being pampered!

Read a Valentine's Day themed book

Kids love when an adult reads a book to them, so sitting down with your child and taking the time to read a Valentine's Day themed book to your child will bring about special memories and good feelings for your child and yourself. Plus reading to kids is a great way for children to learn how to become better readers.

Tuck a little love note in the lunchbox

Your child would love getting a surprise little love note in his or her lunchbox telling your child how much he or she is loved always and to have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Children really like getting little notes and one that is secretly tucked in a lunch is even more fun to receive and find.

Give Valentine's coupons

Valentine's coupons are really easy to make by hand or on the computer, giving your child a coupon book with your choice of opportunities to offer to your child is a great way to make the random acts of kindness last throughout the year. Kids really enjoy receiving and using coupons, so this special act of kindness will be very much appreciated.

Valentine's Day gift search

Hiding some candy or a small gift in your home, then having your child try to search for the little gift is a fun and exciting way to show a special act of kindness toward your child. The excitement has to do with the search of the gift and not the size of cost of the holiday gift.

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