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5 Social Intranets and Online Collaboration Platforms that Accelerate Business G

Social Intranet
Social Intranet

Social intranet and online collaboration are hot topics these days. An intranet is the next step that accelerates the business growth. There are a number of intranet and online collaboration platforms that help you to develop your business. The best platform is not the one that provides the most exciting features, but the one that ties all your business processes and data to the social behavior of the employees.

Below is the list of top 5 social intranet and online collaboration platforms that take your business to great heights. These platforms offer a simple solution for employing more than one mind to complete a task with efficiency. The employees can collaborate with each other while working from different places with the help of intranet collaboration software. Some of the features of these tools are – high level security, efficient IT technology, simplicity and easy to use, choice of storage, large file sharing speed, proper communication and many more.

This is an online collaboration platform that provides users with a variety of collaboration tools such as – tasking, CRM, document sharing, search, project management and many more. This platform offers a united workspace that helps your employees handle different aspects of daily operation. By using this platform, you can imagine a place where all the business data and transactions are collected neatly, managed and accessible throughout the day. Not only this, you can even get the feedback about the way your team works, so that you know whether you are moving in the right direction or not.

Features :

Bitrix24 is a secured cloud based service provider, where your data is stored securely and access is provided only through the rights granted. The key features of Bitrix24 are – activity stream, tasks, project groups, calendar sharing, photo albums, task reporting, time management, bulk email, simple access, CRM, reports, daily planner, sales funnel, extranet, simple access assignment, email notifications, file sharing and many more.

Yammer is the best enterprise social software that helps you to make your job more productive. This platform brings all the content, business data, conversations and other essential information in a single and convenient location. It is used for communication by large and small organizations. The internet domain determines the access to the Yammer network so that only those individuals with an appropriate email address can join their respective networks and access the required information. You can stay on top of all the projects happening in your company by interacting with different groups. One can even share pictures and videos easily with co-workers.

Features :

The complete range of Yammer features allow users to communicate openly, so that all the essential information can be shared easily. Its key features are – work better in groups, share knowledge, join conversations, document collaboration, document transcription, share files online, stay organized with inbox, etc.

Jive is another online collaboration platform that is based on Java EE that integrates the functionality of social networking, online collaboration, blogs, forums, wikis, social networking and many other features under a unified user interface. One can easily find the content that is placed into any of the systems across the network through a common search interface.

Features :

Some of the features of Jive are – email integration, RSS capability, personal user profiles, integration with the Spring Framework and interoperability, JAX-WS web service. It is an independent vendor in social business that allows organizations to engage with their customers and employees through social web.

This is a leading web 2.0 social network platform that allows organizations to engage the right people and generate productive results. Organizations can easily share knowledge beyond their traditional limitations. It helps companies to make the right decisions, increase their productivity and accelerate time to market. This platform also allows you to empower and engage employees, inspire innovation, extend technology, trust people and produce high returns. The IBM Connections provides access to the server for employees.

Features :

It has numerous features that allow users to – drop the files and presentations securely to colleagues, join with others to accomplish business goals, track the project progress, share news and links across the network, etc.

This is a cloud based online collaboration platform that revolutionized the way people connect and share information to deliver profitable results. Businesses of all sizes can use this platform to manage all their projects and files on cloud with their colleagues, partners and customers. It serves thousands of customers across the globe by providing a comprehensive suite of collaboration tools such as web conferencing, wikis, shared calendars and many more. It delivers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) social technology platform that allows next generation organizations to communicate and collaborate in an efficient manner.

Features :

The features of Central Desktop include – document management, integrated Lucene Search, online spreadsheets, task management, discussion threads, workflow solutions, micro blogging, online file viewer, WYSIWYG editing and many more.

With the help of the above social intranet and online collaboration tools, organizations can improve their team effort and achieve better results. Make sure that the online platform you choose provides maximum security with sufficient storage space and better communication functionalities. Without online collaboration tools, communication would have to be done on an individual basis, which is very time consuming and may increase business operational costs.

Use of instant tools helps your company save a great amount of time spent on travelling for board meetings or overnight document delivery. Geographical separation is no longer a hurdle, as people working on the same project from different locations can collaborate with each other regardless of the place. The process of selecting or finding business affiliates can be done easily as everything is done on the web. Today, most of the researchers are able to publish their findings online, which can be accessed by businessmen who are keen on developing effective business plans.

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