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5 Simple Tips To Help Your Kids Fight Allergies

You can make a difference in the quality of your childs air.
You can make a difference in the quality of your childs air.

Indoor air quality can affect everyone in your home. Children are suffering from an increase of asthma and allergies mainly from what AND how we clean. By changing the products we use in our homes we can help our children fight these problems. Here are some simple dusting tips to help YOU help your kids.

  1. If you like to dust with a feather duster, make sure it is made from ostrich feathers. The oil in the ostrich feathers catches the dust and holds it until you shake it out. Nylon dusters just move the dust around.
  2. Try using a large looped microfiber cloth. These are made from a “man-cut” thread that catches and holds the dust until you put it into the wash.
  3. Instead of using furniture polish – just use a mist of water on your microfiber cloth. There is a difference between dusting and polishing your furniture. Dust on a weekly basis and try to polish once a month. That way you will cut down on the chemicals going into your home’s air.
  4. Replace your traditional dusting product in the aerosol can with a greener, all natural product that comes in a hand pump spray bottle. Don’t spray your furniture with the polish; just squirt it on your dusting cloth.
  5. Use your vacuum’s dusting brush attachment for most of your dusting jobs. Europeans dust with their vacuums so that most if not all of the allergens go into the bag. This means you need a good vacuum with a HEPA rated filter system.

For more tips and DIY videos you can go to Together we can change your world – one spray bottle at a time!


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