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5 Simple reasons to use wordpress over wix

Wordpress logo and coding
Wordpress logo and coding

There are quite a few reasons to use Wordpress over Wix, and this article will explain a few of those reasons. Though Wix offers a wonderful, straight-out-of-the-box platform to build a website on, it also has some deep limitations, and can also be costly.

First, Wix’s monthly hosting costs more than a self-hosted Wordpress website. For someone who has multiple sites, the costs will add up, and that’s not including all of the premium plugins/services. One self-hosted Wordpress account can host numerous websites for one low monthly fee.

Second, Wix is not open sourced. What this means for the average person looking to build an online presence is there are only so many customizations that can be done to a Wix website. Switching out the theme on a Wix website will mean losing some or all of the content. That’s not good. But for Wordpress, the customizations are limitless. One website can go through numerous design and functionality changes without losing one bit of content.

Third, if blogging or site management with a team is important, then Wordpress is definitely the platform to use. Wordpress offers multiple user roles that can be changed at any time. Wix offers one user login. This means to have a Wix site managed by a 3rd party, the login credentials must be shared.

Fourth, Wordpress is built for SEO! Wix does have seo features, but for those who really want to get their content seen, Wordpress offers a better SEO solution. Then there are Wordpress plugins to help boost SEO rankings.

Speaking of plugins, there are thousands of Wordpress plugins available to help build a simple Wordpress website into a more robust user experience. And if there just may not be a plugin to suit the needs of a site’s owner, one can be built! It’s as simple as hiring a Wordpress plugin developer or learning how to create what is needed. Wix offers extra solutions, most for a premium price, but the platform does not have nearly as many plugins as Wordpress.

This little list is just a basic rundown of why Wordpress should be used over Wix. To recap - Wordpress is cheaper to host, customizations do not compromise content, teams can have their own login credentials, Wordpress SEO is higher ranked, and the plugins for Wordpress far outpace the ones for Wix. Hands down, Wordpress is the way to go to build an online presence.

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