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5 Signs that you are about to be fired

5 signs you are about to lose your job!

How do you know that your job is secure, usually one good indication is the feelings you get from your superiors and your co-workers. Sometimes it is hard to read the signs going on around you unless it is a screaming red flag like overhearing someone asking for your office when you are gone. You feel an under current around the office, or is only in your mind? If these 5 signs are present, chances are you are about to be fired.

Let's face it, jobs are scarce today. A fast food restaurant employer could fill his staff positions with over educated graduate degree holding employees if he chose to do so from the pool of unemployed looking for jobs. You would have to be pretty good at your position to have the arms of job security tightly wrapped around you. It is happening at an alarming rate in every office and work room around the country. Take notice, because if any of these 5 signs are present, there is a good chance you are about to be fired.

1. Your boss is extremely nice to you and this is coupled with a forced, over exaggerated smile. You know the kind of smile I mean, like the one you would find on a kids shinning plastic Halloween mask, almost scary in presentation. Another sign, which is the opposite of being overly friendly is that there's a major case of avoidance going on here from your boss. You notice if you walk in their direction they immediately make a strategic, almost military like sharp turn in hopes of not crossing paths with you.

2. Your boss gets less detailed oriented when giving you the specs on up-and-coming jobs or projects. When you ask questions about the project, you are told more details will be forth coming. If there is something that you ask to look at it is put in front of you and whisked away in a second. The reply to your surprised, yet inquisitive look is, "just routine, I won't bore you with the details". This is said to you from half way across the room because your boss took no time at all in exiting your office to avoid any other questions.

3. Your co-workers become distant, small talk is at a minimum, you catch them whispering frequently, and they become very quiet when you walk into the room. The secretary in personal has let the cat out of the bag that you are about to get the ax and this is become the water cooler topic of the day. Your mere appearance in a doorway has become like the volume for the whole room. While donations are being taken to purchase flowers for a sick co-worker, the basket passing person takes much time and trouble to appear confused as to were they started and left off collecting. This awkward scene is played out so you won't see through to the fact that you were deliberately passed up because you are not going to be there much longer and they feel bad asking you to chip in. This is a good indication that the time line for your exit is very near. You probably will no longer be there when the flowers are actually sent to the co-worker.

4. There is one in every crowd, someone who cannot keep their feelings in check. Watch for that person to look at you with a saddened face. The type of face you might present to someone when you are about to offer condolences. If the occasion should arise that you need to talk to this person, there is a lot of touching going on. Every sentence is ended with a pat on your shoulder or a squeeze of your hand. They might offer to do some mundane task for you today like making copies when they have never done this for you before.

5. Your boss appears neutral about your work performance, not asking for time lines, for completion of projects and appears unconcerned about your work productivity. While your co-workers are being verbally whipped into action, your day is peaceful and serene.

There are blatant signs, such as being asked to train someone in your position or boxes being delivered with someone else's office belongings set inside your office. It is usually the subtle signs that appear first. If you get that uneasy feeling and the signs are there, chances are you are about to be let go.

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