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5 Signs Indicates You May Have Restless Leg Syndrome

5 Signs Indicates You May Have Restless Leg Syndrome
5 Signs Indicates You May Have Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS, as it is called for short, is a medical condition that can be kind of tricky to diagnose. So, with this said, the best way to determine if you or someone you know has this disorder is to look for some key signs that do often accompany the condition itself. It is these signs or symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis of this problem.

A Strong Urge to Move Your Legs That You Cannot Fight
If you feel a very strong need to move your legs, which you cannot explain, and there are weird sensations that are totally uncomfortable. Then here is a chance that you may indeed be suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome. This is one of the most common of criteria that is needed to diagnose the presence of RLS.

Periodic Limb Movements During Sleep
Periodic limb movements during sleep are a definite sign of RLS. They tend to occur every 20 to 30 seconds on and off during the course of the night. They can and do cause sufferers to wake up and this does disrupt natural sleep in a major way. It is not one of the four general criteria that do diagnose this condition. However, they are very annoying, and most people do complain about this symptom a great deal.

Any uncomfortable symptoms you are having go away when you move your legs
If the uncomfortable symptoms you are having do suddenly up and go away. Each, and every time, you do get up and walk. Then you know you do have RLS. This is a definite symptom that does mean you have this problem. It is one of the symptoms that does confirm diagnosis for Restless Leg Syndrome.

Any Symptoms You are Having or will have Start Up and are Worse When You Rest
It does seem that those who do suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome do get the bulk, as well as the very worst of symptoms, once nightfall does occur. The longer that a person does decide to rest, the more intense and painful the symptoms can be in description. They also seem to start up right when you rest and don't let up until you get up again on your feet.

Symptoms Always Get Much Worse in the Evenings
Symptoms that do worsen a lot more in the evening time is definitely a symptom, as well as defining form of criteria, when it comes right down to the diagnosing of RLS. If your symptoms don't appear to be at their worst at night, then you obviously don't have this disorder. There have also been sufferers with RLS who have stated that they do even have very bad symptoms during the daytime hours, as well, in addition. So, with this said, RLS can occur in the waking hours too, but they are definitely something that is far more prevalent at night where bad symptoms are the focus.

It's Very Hard to find Straight Answers When You do Suffer from RLS
Since it is very hard to find straight answers when you do suffer from RLS. The best course of action here is to seek out the help of the Web that does offer a lot of very informative and detailed resources on the subject at hand. No one should have to live with unanswered questions about a medical problem and the only way to get answers is to seek them out personally on your own. There is some things that are known about RLS and other things that still do remain a mystery about it. It is wise to get a balance of both answers if you are able to. This way you will be informed when you do go talk to your doctor about it.

The reason that RLS is so hard to diagnose is very obvious as there is a link between Sleep and Restless Leg Syndrome. Symptoms are a whole lot worse, as well as, much more evident during the night time hours than the day time hours that you are visiting your doctor's office. So, with this said, the only way to determine if someone does have RLS is by confirming certain symptoms that do go along with this annoying malady. Knowing the symptoms is solving half of the problem.

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