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5 Secrets that women want you to know...

M. Tonea

Hey friends!

Best wishes to you all - it's day 8 of the new year....are you up for something new and rewarding?

Everybody loves are a few to start your new year off right.

1. Feel You’re THE MAN

You’ve got to believe that you offer something great ... and you've got to feel it. The world will then believe right along with you. Learn how to be confident. You might not necessarily be the most physically attractive man in the room, but there’s just something about you that women find irresistible. Find it.

2. Be Happy

Fill your life with enjoyment and learn how to live a life to the fullest. Women are attracted to happiness. If you are crabby, negative and moody, women will see it...they can sense it ....and they will lose interest. A happy man brings funny, positive thoughts and feelings to situations to create an experience that women will want to have again and again. If you have a positive outlook on life, then you are a magnet. A happy smile attached to a happy man multiplies your studliness twenty times over.

3. Be Really Friendly

Always be friendly and cheerful to anyone, anywhere at anytime. Give that wonderful impression to everyone that they can talk to you and you will be delighted. These opportunities usually takes place in social gatherings. If a girl is smiling at you, then immediately return that smile. If she isn't smiling, then smile at her and keep some eye contact...if she smiles back, then you just gave her the right signal...and now you can approach her.

4. Be Freakin' Humble

Acknowledge your ignorance outside your expertise. Don’t let your money, success and position in society feed your self-esteem. It's a big turnoff for women. Just keep your foot on the all times. 

5. Be Mysterious

By nature, man is the hunter. He likes the thrill of the chase...but the chase is sometimes like chasing butterflies: the more you chase them, the more they elude you. So...control your over zealous ways and dog-like begging style. The key is to learn how to remain calm, reserved and controlled. The more they think you want them, the more power you offer them to walk away from you...but if they truly don't know if you are interested (this works both ways), then mystery is what occurs. Mystery creates self respect and high value.

I truly hope this gives you a clear picture about the kind of man you can be in order to attract the right woman. Think seriously about committing yourself to search for your lifetime partner.

Remember that 2011 is HERE. If you read this list and said to yourself "Yeah, I already know this stuff, but I am STILL freakin' single"....then this is what you need to do next:

Reading it and understanding the concept is only STEP ONE. Actually learning HOW to do it and implementing it is STEP TWO. You are only 50% of the way there.

Get a professional confidence coach to teach you the skills necessary to easily find, meet, date and marry the girl of your dreams NOW!

Let's finish the process together. Email me and I will offer you a complimentary confidence consultation and send you a free copy of my special confidence report.

Until next time..

Mark Aguirre


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