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5 role-playing tips to spice up your sex life

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Just because you want to spice up your sex life, doesn't mean that you have to do S&M or go to a swingers club. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, and you'll be able to create an amazing experience with some hot sex through role playing. What you've got to do is act as if you're somebody else for an evening, so here's five tips for you to get started with.

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The Prison Guard and the Prisoner

In this scenario, you're locked up in your cell and about to receive a punishment. You've fallen under the complete control of your partner, who is carefully watching over you. He's incredibly attracted to you. The question is, where's this powerful attraction going to lead in such a dominating situation?
This game's so hot because of the involvement of dependency. It's possible for the role play to take a few different routes. Either the prisoner allows themselves to be seduced because of their fear of punishment, or the prisoner seduces the guard to gain some kind of an advantage. What happens is entirely up to you and your partner.

The Sexy Call Girl and the Client

You're incredibly sexy and are utterly professional in what you do, meaning that your partner is ready to pay good money to screw you! You're allowed to do anything, dirty talk, wear kinky clothing, use adventurous techniques, but you're not allowed to kiss. You could plan to discover him, alone, sitting at the hotel bar. Play out the whole scenario and go back home to finalize things!
This role playing game's fun because you're not allowed to kiss your lover, increasing your desire and keeping your partner begging. You're the one that knows how to seduce and please.

The Repairman

You could also choose to change the role to an electrician, fireman, plumber or whatever you fancy! Your partner, role playing a top professional, will ring the door bell. You'll greet him in your beautiful new nightdress, letting him in to the house. The flirtation can start whenever you feel like it should, but it's best to keep it going for quite a while to really enhance the strength of the separate roles. Once your partner has actually started doing the job he came to do, you brush past him and peer over him. That's a really important step to remember for boosting arousal.
The whole idea of an unexpected, surprise encounter is what really makes this game so fun. It's an immediate, straight to the point attraction scenario. Sometimes it'll even be more exciting than if the situation happened in reality!

The Obeying Robot

Either you or your partner will be role playing as a robot. Whoever's the robot will have to be under the complete control of their partner, obeying every wish and command they instruct. The person that's playing the role of the "master" should tell the robot the words that they have to say and the actions they must complete to satisfy them. There's no point where the robot can make any decisions for themselves, they're just processing orders. This one can be really powerful. It allows for every desire to become true. That, or if you're the robot, you are the slave of your partner.

The Pupil and the Teacher

This one's a real classic in role playing. Act as if you're in a classroom that's getting out of control. You're wearing your uniform and your partner is the buff teacher. It's a really fun scenario since it's common for young girls to begin falling for and thinking about a particular teacher. It's an interesting switch to swap the roles and act as the young student seducing the teacher.

It's an old one - but it hasn't lost the magic. It's really exciting because you're going by the assumption that the "pupil" doesn't have any past experience, so if you're pretending they're discovering things for the first time, it can be a lot of fun.

Always Remember

If you're playing a game that's rough in any way, you'll need to have a higher level of understanding between both partners. Being aggressive playfully is capable of being a massive turn-on, if you've got trust in the other person. Remember to have a "safe word" to use just in case you want to stop a game if you're feeling uneasy.