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5 reunited bands that you should probably go see


Dinosaur Jr.

Many of us young people don't have the luxury of catching all of our favorite acts live. Tensions run high, bands fracture, and we are left listening to inferior recordings. Just like ex lovers, sometimes bands reunite and pick up right where they left off. These are some of the best acts recently reunited that you should probably go see before they once again decide that they are better off broken up.

Sunny Day Real Estate - A pivotal band in the creation of the emo genre. Harder than most of the emo bands you're used to, and and influence to most of them, Sunny Day Real Estate helped develop the contemporary sound of emo and is credited as being one of the first to soften hardcore. Reuniting in 2008, Detroit concert goers can catch them on September 25 at St. Andrews Hall.

KMFDM - The German industrial phenom that is KMFDM originally broke up in 1999, while all of us were still too young to drive to the Motor City by ourselves to catch a goth show. Credited as being one of the first bands to bring industrial music to the masses, KMFDM has undergone a few lineup changes which shouldn't tamper with their raw and aggressive sound one bit. They reunited in 2002, just 3 years after their breakup, so fans of the band can expect them to play a variety of material from their long spanning career. They are set to appear at Harpo's on October 2.

Dinosaur Jr. - These guys are simply put, the embodiment of indie rock. They thrash hard, they drink hard, and they're probably still broke. After their breakup in 1997, bassist Lou Barlow fronted such popular (sort of) bands Sebadoh and Folk Implosion, while guitarist J. Mascis formed J. Mascis and the Fog and metal outfit called Witch. Drummer Emmett Jefferson "Patrick" Murphy III (wow that's a mouthful) originally left the band to join indie rockers The Lemonheads, but reclaimed his position on the skins after their 2008 reunion. Together again at last, Dinosaur Jr. will appear at The Crofoot in Pontiac on October 11th. Also check out their new album Farm, released this year.

The Get Up Kids - Alright, so they only disbanded 4 years ago, but if Sunny Day Real Estate helped shape the roots of the emotional hardcore genre, the Get Up Kids further sculpted them. A great number of pop punk and contemporary emo acts draw their influence from GUK, especially from the vocal style of Matt Pryor. This might be a good time to reconnect with your emo kid roots and take a trip down memory lane. Give them some credit though, guitarist Jim Suptic is event quoted as saying "the problem is most of [the bands they inspired] aren't very good."

The Pixies - This one is a no brainer. These guys might as well have invented indie rock. The Pixies were completely broke until people our age had been listening to their music far after the band had fractured. In a wonderful stroke of karmic justice, now they're selling out amphitheaters and probably have at least enough money to support their children. They are currently in the process of recording a new album, and the 20th anniversary of their album Doolittle is soon to be released. No U.S. tour dates have been announced yet, but keep your eyes open.


  • Art M 5 years ago

    Love to see the Pixies, but they did announce the dates on the tour. The closest shows are in Chicago (Nov. 20 & 21). They go on sale this weekend for anyone interested. They're playing "Doolittle" in its entireity.

  • Christina 5 years ago

    Could not be any more excited about Sunny Day and Dinosaur Jr. Two bands that completely shaped my musical preferences. I'm also pretty jazzed about The Get Up Kids, but also not. Because I love Something to Write Home About, but then when I really listen to the other stuff I think, really, this is not that great of a band. Which is why I had to laugh at the quote you included. Ah, musicians. So ... I'll probably see them, but hope I don't end up wishing they would have left well enough alone. Also, just wanted to say your writing is good. Interesting, fun to read. I was a journalist/features writer for a lot of years ...

  • Larry Poupard - Detroit Zombie Examiner 5 years ago

    I remember seeing KMFDM years ago. Oh, wait, does that make me old since they are having a comeback?

  • Aaron 5 years ago

    It has also been quasi confirmed that Pavement is going to reunite in 2010 as well. Expect to hear about that if there's enough info to support it.