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5 Reasons You Should Build a List

Too many people open their doors for business yet neglect this one thing, only to see their business fail to thrive. List building should be every business owner’s number one objective from the beginning. Why?

Your list is an asset you own. While Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, YouTube Subscribers, and LinkedIn Connections are all important, you don’t own them. Those social media sites own them. They own their names, their e-mail addresses, and a ton of demographic information about them.

While you can tap into these resources, these social media hubs could disappear as quickly as they appeared and so would your link to these individuals and your business.

However, if you are building your own list, you own the information and if something should happen to these sites, your business will continue to thrive because you still have access to your list.

Your list is an important way to communicate with those people who have raised their hand and said they are interested in your business. You can share information about your business, product updates and testimonials, elicit feedback, and promote sales.

Yes, you can do all of this on social media too, but not everyone on social sites will see your updates. Those tricky algorithms prevent your message from being seen by up to 80% of those connected with you on social sites.

However, by building your own list, you can be assured that your communications are reaching the people on your list because they are delivered directly to your subscribers email addresses.

Growing your email list allows you to serve the people you are passionate about helping. If you are in business, it is because you want to help your target market.

By building your list you are able to engage in a dialog with the people you want to help. This can be done by sending surveys to your list, asking questions that those on your list can reply directly to, and by reading the unsolicited emails you will receive from the people on your list.

Another reason to grow your list is because it establishes you as an authority in your field. This good because it will make your list growth very low maintenance for you. Those on your list will share your information with their networks and that will result in greater growth.

In addition, having a larger list and more authority in your field opens the doors to partnerships with other complimentary businesses.

Having and growing your list really boils down to more sales. Growing your list will give you an asset that you own and can communicate with regularly. You will be able to better serve and meet the needs of your customers because having a list provides two-way communication with your customers. Your list will develop your authority in your field leading to more partnerships. And all of this leads to more sales. Having a list will dramatically increase your businesses bottom line.

So, have you started building your list yet?

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