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5 Reasons Why You Should Give 'The Dead Files' a Shot

Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass

This summer, former homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and self-proclaimed medium Amy Allan will be back in action on Travel Channel's "The Dead Files," returning with new episodes on July 12 -- but why should you care? Is the show even worth watching?

If you think you've "seen it all" in terms of paranormal television shows, you may still want to give Steve and Amy a shot. As a paranormal pop culture know-it-all myself, I stayed away from "The Dead Files" for quite some time. Every commercial made it seem downright boring and nothing compared to the likes of Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff of "Ghost Adventures."

That being said, I came to realize that I was right -- it was completely unrelated to "Ghost Adventures," "Ghost Hunters" and every other paranormal show on the market. It was refreshing, and it still is. Here are five reasons for you to tune in when it premieres in less than two weeks.

  1. No scare tactics. Yes, there's creepy music, but there is no screaming and running around with cameras, Mel meters and other ghost-hunting gadgets.
  2. It's a novel idea. Amy and Steve come together at the end of the episode (after investigating separately) to compare their findings -- one man who's obviously a skeptic, and one woman who has no choice but to be a believer.
  3. It keeps you on the edge. I am rarely not on the edge of my seat while watching this show. Yes, they do plan their commercial breaks strategically, but I like to think that the creep factor comes from the production of the show as a whole.
  4. You learn. A lot. If you've always wanted to learn more about the paranormal (while keeping an open mind, of course), this show is for you. Amy is loaded with facts and information, which she often dishes out during "The Reveal" at the end of each episode.
  5. Every episode is different. One episode, they're on the hunt for a demon terrorizing a family. The next, they're trying to get rid of an angry ghost. It's a mixed bag, and it's guaranteed entertainment every week.

You can catch "The Dead Files" when it premieres on Saturday, July 12 at 10 p.m. EST on Travel Channel.

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