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5 reasons why Naughty Bear isn't as terrible as critics make it out to be


With an accumulative Metacritic score of 44 percent, it's fairly obvious that Artificial Mind and Movement and 505 Games' Naughty Bear wasn't a big hit with critics.

However, some of the more extreme criticism levied at the game are exaggerated. Naughty Bear definitely has enough flaws to warrant itself unfavorable reviews, but it also possesses its share of unique, creative and enjoyable qualities that most critics have been content to gloss over.

Naughty Bear has its issues, but you won't see any of them on this list. If want to know why not to buy Naughty Bear, there's more than enough reviews on the Internet to help you out with that. But if you want to know what Naughty Bear actually does right and why it's hardly as terrible as some critics make it out to be, keep reading.

5. Disturbingly twisted gameplay

Best described as a crazy hybrid of "Care Bear's" adorable charm and Manhunt's psychotic, genocidal madness, Naughty Bear is one messed up game.

You hide in the bushes, sneak up behind your teddy bear brethren and then murder the crap out of them. Hack them to pieces using a machete, shoot them in the face with a handgun, set them on fire using environmental hazards, use bear traps and then brutally snap their necks or, if you're feeling particularly deranged, slowly terrorize them into they go insane and commit suicide.

Combine stealth gameplay with a callous disregard for civility and you get Naughty Bear, a totally messed up stealth, murder simulator. It might not have the gory fatalities or the amputated limbs, but at its core, its chilling violence is so enjoyable it's unsettling.

4. Splendidly original, imaginative and unique

Teddy Bear Murder Simulator. When was the last time you've ever heard a game be called that? Fur Fighters back in 2003? While using inherent cuteness to set up some truly deranged and shocking set pieces isn't entirely new (it was used most famously by Conker's Bad Fur Day on Nintendo 64),
Naughty Bear
manages to execute it in a manner that feels distinctly creative and more than a little bizarre.

It's easy to draw parallels between Naughty Bear and the download title Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm --both involve the mass slaughter of huggable critters. The difference is that, while flawed, Naughty Bear actually seems to make an effort to be fun and imaginative while Happy Tree Friends felt like a half-assed attempt to cash in.

Again, it's is not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, but if you're looking for a respite from the typical shades of gray, muscular marines and mundane, modern first-person shooters, Naughty Bear's colorful world, innovative premise and gratuitous carnage makes it, at the very least, an original experience. Did I mention there's Ninja Bears? Yes, Ninja Bears. They're badass.



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