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5 Reasons Two Brides are Better Than One

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Audrey Bethards

After talking to Audrey Bethards, a professional artist who does Makeup and Hair for Weddings in Washington DC, one thing became clear- she loves to work with couples in same sex marriages.

“Two brides are better than one!” Bethards said playfully when asked why she loved working with same sex couple for their wedding so much.

Here are five reasons that weddings with two brides make for a better wedding than average:

1. The Bridal Trial is too much fun!
When the brides get a chance to do a bridal hair and makeup trial before their wedding, it means that both get to work with the wedding makeup and hair artist at the same time. This does save the brides money, but it is also becomes an exciting time for family and friends to make sure the brides don’t see one another before the wedding ceremony!

2. Twice the Glamour
Not all brides want a glamorous look, but when they both want the traditional white gown, hair and makeup it becomes such an adventure. One wedding dress is enough to get most of us ooh and ahhing, but seeing two different bridal styles is enough to make a gal in love with beauty and fashion swoon.

3. Ladies Just Do It Better
At the risk of sounding a little bit sexist, let’s face it, girls are just a lot prettier than men. We also tend to have more elaborated hair, makeup and fashion to play with. When there are two brides, it is like the ultimate playground for those who are into the beauty industry. Every woman has her own specific personal style, so each bride gets to be the center of attention at the same time! It is a great creative experience!

4. The Individuality of Each Bride Really Stands Out
As mentioned before, each bride has their own style and personality, this can really be noticed when both brides go down the aisle with their separate looks. One may be wearing the suit while the other is decked out a full white gown. Even if they both wear a white gown, each woman glows in her own special way.

5. Okay, It is All About the Love
Every wedding is something to celebrate. Whether it is man and wife, man and man or woman and woman, it is a special day never to be forgotten. When one works with wedding and bridal events they can’t help but be caught up in all the magic!
Visit the following link to read more about the insights of a Hair and Makeup Artist in DC’s insights into same sex weddings.

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