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5 reasons to persuade your teen not to smoke

Teenagers smoke cigarettes in Via Condotti January 12, 2005 in Rome, Italy.
Teenagers smoke cigarettes in Via Condotti January 12, 2005 in Rome, Italy.
Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

Talking to a teenager in general can be a challenge, but trying to talk to a teen about good reasons not to smoke can be an even bigger challenge. Having preplanned ideas in your mind as to what you want to say will help the discussion to go smoother and hopefully make the conversation less uncomfortable. Here you will find 5 reasons to talk with your teenager as to why smoking is not a good thing.

Health effects

Teens need to be reminded over and over again the terrible effects of smoking. Smoking causes so many negative health effects such as cancer, premature aging, teeth issues plus the many other things that can be affected in the body by smoking. Smoking takes years off of lives and although most teens do not think about old age, it is really important to hit home to your teenager how death can come prematurely because of smoking.

Bad odor

Smoking emits a terrible odor and a smoker's clothes and breath will carry the foul smell of smoke. Teens start getting interested in the opposite sex at this age, so it is not a bad idea to explain that individuals of the opposite sex may not like the smell of cigarette smoke.


The cost of cigarettes is very expensive and most teens do not have a lot of money. Discussing with your teenager all the great things they could be spending their money on besides smoking may make them think twice before smoking. Show your teen just how much smoking adds up to by doing weekly, monthly and yearly totals, the cost of smoking may amaze your teen.

Not cool

Years ago it may have looked cool to smoke, but the public perception of smoking has shifted and smoking is not cool at all. Explaining to a teen how smoking looks to other people might help the teen put themselves in another person's shoes and realize how they look to others when they smoke.

Bad habit

Smoking is a bad habit and nothing good comes out of it; talking with a teenager about all the negativity that comes from smoking may also make a teenager think about it. Many times the problem is that teens do not think things through and a parent who talks with their teen about all the reasons not to smoke may give their child enough incentive to say no to smoking.

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