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5 Reasons to Drop Ship Products

Drop ship network
Drop ship network

Launching a drop ship business can be an exciting prospect, a gratifying endeavor that allows a budding entrepreneur to tap into all the convenience and perks that an online business affords. While a drop ship business takes plenty of work like any business, it is also a career that many self-starters wouldn't trade for any other. If you are considering moving into the world of drop ship merchandise, consider the following great reasons to give it a try!

Reduced Risk and Little Investment

It used to be that a brand new business had to make some major investments in both the commercial property and the inventory. This model, however, is completely scrapped in the world of the drop shipping business. A drop ship business owner needs a sound website, agreements with product distributors, and few other elements. Getting that business off the ground can be accomplished in under $500. Few traditional businesses could have gotten rolling for such a sum.

A Myriad of Merchandise

Because the drop ship owner doesn't actually own the merchandise, that is, the business doesn't buy the merchandise and then try to sell it, there is no preset budget to prevent a drop ship business from promoting as many items as they can obtain through their distributors. In fact, the business can pay for the items they sell through their site when they receive payment from their customers. Without a set number of shelves that can only be stocked with a limited array of items, the drop ship business can sell far more and increase their likelihood of making sales.

No Warehouse to Maintain

While the items must be warehoused somewhere, the physical merchandise isn't the drop ship operator's concern. The drop ship owner doesn't have to store the physical items. When an order comes in, the business sends the warehouse the particulars and it ships them direct from storage. The drop ship business owner handles the selling and marketing aspects but doesn't actually have to handle the merchandise of ship it. This streamlines the entire process of running an online business (Source:

Time for Customer Focus

Without having to warehouse and stock shelves, the drop ship business owner can focus on customer service--one of the key ways to grow any business. With extra time for marketing, the website can be better maintained and even a presence on various social media networks established. In fact, the owner might even generate a blog and product tutorials in order to better promote the online store's available merchandise.

Be Your Own Boss--with a Network to Help You

The great part of a drop ship business is that you are in charge. You can reap the benefits of your own hard work. Yet you also don't have to go it alone. When you sign up as part of a drop ship network, you'll have access to more product lines from renowned manufacturers and distributors (Source: This makes drop shipping a very interesting business avenue.

Why wait to get your business up and running? Consider how drop shipping can enhance your career goals and give it a try. Visit a drop ship network to find out more.

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