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5 reasons to attend a large school

College campus
College campus

Big universities typically come with big opportunities, both academically and socially. If you are starting to narrow down your list of schools to apply to, consider the following perks of attending a large university.

1. Social opportunities
Whether you’re meeting people at Freshman Orientation, on an intramural sports team, or in a large lecture class, big schools provide a wealth of ways to get to know a diverse group of people. With such a huge student body, you’re bound to discover a group that shares your interests and warmly welcomes you. Never underestimate the wide span of school-sponsored clubs as well – pretty much every area of interest is covered, from chess clubs to yoga groups to societies for animal-lovers, there is no shortage of cliques to join.

2. Funding
Big schools have bigger budgets, which can make it easier for them to provide various perks to the student body. Faculty may have access to larger research grants, meaning you will have easier access to jumping onto a project that interests you. Additionally, more money pumped into academics usually means you’ll have access to superior lab facilities and libraries. Plus, a greater endowment doesn’t just mean greater academic resources, but also improved dining halls, dorms, and recreational facilities.

3. Alumni networking
Many of these larger schools have alumni networks that extend clear across the country – and world. Some even have extensive parts of their websites that are geared toward connecting graduates with jobs and mentors. With such a widespread and active group of alumni ready to help out, it’s no wonder that so many of these students feel so confident upon graduation. Many large universities go out of their ways to emphasize the alumni connections in the business and social worlds. More than often, alums of these institutions are quite eager to help one of their own succeed in “the real world.”

4. More courses of study
Large universities tend to offer a wider range of majors and minors. Smaller schools with smaller faculties are often only able to offer “core” majors; if you want to be a Nursing major with minors in Swahili and Theater, you might want to look at larger schools with more extensive options due to their wider faculty.

5. Sports
If you want a stadium filled to the brim with fans supporting your school’s football team, consider heading to a larger school. Many larger institutions also recruit some of the best athletes in the country – so, if you are an aspiring sports player, this could be a stellar opportunity for you. Large student bodies truly unite behind their teams – foam fingers pointed high. If you want to cheer proudly with the crowd and feel a special camaraderie with your fellow classmates, consider heading to a big university.

Large schools offer many opportunities that smaller colleges typically just don’t have the resources to undertake. Whether you want an ice skating rink right on your campus, a club dedicated to your favorite obscure playwright, or a steady job as an undergraduate research assistant, large universities will be prepared to meet your needs.

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