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5 Reasons there will never be a Game of Thrones movie

With its finale coming up this weekend, there has been fresh talk of the possibility of HBO's popular series Game of Thrones getting a movie to finish off the major plot points of the show. Many have written this off the be ridiculous, especially author George R.R. Martin, who once championed the idea. Fans have argued on both sides have debated whether or not this would be a good idea. This article gives it's own view on why it won't happen, in five east pieces.

1. HBO has solidified itself as a TV network

Rome, Deadwood, Carnivale. These are just come of the programs the Home Box Office has flown as possibilities for a movie spin-off. Out of these how many are in any sort of production right now? Zero. The only HBO property to have gotten its own movies is Sex and the City that while granted got big money at the box office, did not score well with critics. So it seems HBO is hesitant to let any of its former shows onto the silver screen, but maybe in this age of Kickstarter where the likes of Veronica Mars and Blue Mountain State see resurrection, perhaps one of these shows can experience the Lazarus effect.

2. Money, money, money

While Game of Thrones enjoys a larger per-episode budget than many shows, around $6 million per episode, that budget may not be enough to pull off a grand sweeping movie. Martin himself saw the budget for any movie being around $100 million. It should also be noted that Game of Thrones has a shorter 10-episode season because of their budgets, meaning their whole production budget is $60 million. It could be a challenge to find a financier will to put up an extra $40 million plus advertising costs.

3. The actor's schedules

With the rise of the show's popularity, many actors whose characters are still living in the show's universe have attached themselves to other projects. Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) has appeared in many new films an Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) will soon be seen the new Terminator movie. Setting aside time for a season of TV is one thing, but limiting the end to a movie could make schedules difficult. This could lead to a long delay, meaning fans and casual viewers alike would have to wait, and risk the latter losing interest. Which brings about point number four

4. The movie could be a hard sell.

Yes, around 8 million people tune in to watch Game of Thrones. However, that might not be enough to convince some to make or go see the movie version of it. Casual fans will probably stay away, not willing to pay to see it, and even if the current audience watched it, at a current price of a primetime ticket of $10, that's still $80 million. It would leave some to hope that it performs well overseas or gains traction, just as the show has.

5. Wrapping up Plotlines

Game of Thrones has proven itself to be able to sustain multiple plots and character arcs with the episode format, however, how that translates to film is yet to be seen, The many plotlines of Westeros, the Wall, Beyond the Wall and in the Free Cities and the West could be jumbled and create a long movie. It would seem to take a David Lean-esque epic to pull it off

Overall, however, viewers should just enjoy the show while it airs. If a movie does come out, it might not be a bad idea, but this article merely states what might be in the way of it. However, every episode of Game of Thrones feels like a film anyway. So don't fret about what may not be, and remember Winter is Coming.

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