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5 reasons Taylor Swift should join season 2 of 'Orange is the New Black'

Taylor Swift as "Piper Kiernan"

Taylor Swift recently completed a questionnaire in Marie Claire. And it was filled with the kind of fodder that's useful during heated bouts of trivia. In it she listed some of her biggest fears. A couple are definitely legitimate concerns. Others…well, not so much. If there's anything we can say about Swift, it's that she's incredibly candid about her various quirks. And judging from the things she told Marie Claire, I realized that perhaps an acting stint on season 2 of Netflix hit, "Orange is the New Black" might be just what the doctor ordered. This might sound like a stretch. But you just might agree…

We'd love to see what kind of vintage spin she'd put on her prison uniform.

Taryn Manning admitted that wearing those baggy jumpsuits takes the pressure away to look perfect. I'll bet a lot of actresses wish they only had one wardrobe choice, and minimal (if any) make-up to wear for their job. But this would probably be weird for Taylor at first, who takes pride in dressing like a housewife from the 1950s (not that there's anything wrong with housewives from the 1950s).

She's terrified of going to "big-girl" prison.

Swift admitted that she's absolutely petrified of going to what she calls "big-girl prison." Perhaps the show could help alleviate those fears. I believe the term for this type of treatment is called exposure therapy. Plopping her into the environment in which she's most afraid will allow her to face her fears head on.

She'd get a taste of what life is like without boys.

Taylor is as famous for her rampant boy-craziness as she is for her saccharine fashion sense. Shoving her in a cell with Crazy Eyes would be the stuff high ratings are made of.

She's afraid of Googling herself.

There are all sorts of horrible things you could discover about yourself simply by typing your name into a Google search engine. Luckily, the "Red" singer wouldn't have to worry about this if she's in prison. Sure, it's "fake" prison. But sometimes a little simulated activity is good for the soul. She'll have much more on her mind than worrying about who's making fun of her granny-style swimsuits and penchant for antiquing.

She could write the show's new theme song. (Cha-ching!)

Russian musician Regina Spektor is responsible for the quirky theme song ("You've Got Time") for "Orange is the New Black." Her sound is basically everything that Taylor's is not: subversive, sarcastic, and multi-faceted. If Taylor ever wanted to break out of that Girl-Next-Door rut that some believe she's in, creating a new edgy rock song for this Netflix series would likely do the trick. Hey, if Lady Gaga can frolic naked in a forest for the sake of art, then Taylor can handle a prison jingle.

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