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5 Reasons Men Like the Idea of Sharing Their Wife With Another Man

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Several men love the idea of sharing their wife with another man. Statistics even show a growing trend of men watching their wives have sex with another man is on the rise. Also reported is that the women that participate enjoy the experience and are welcome and open to the idea themselves.

There’s a number of ways to spice up your romantic escapades with your wife, such as role-play, the introduction of 'toys,’ and if you’re really wild, the notion of having your wife get it on with another man, especially a stranger. Now, whether or not this is your fantasy, there are a lot of men out there who get turned on by the idea of imagining their wife having sex with a stranger in their bed, but the real question that comes to mind is why? Why do some men want to risk their relationship by letting their wife be intimate with a stranger. There’s no one answer that can put this issue to bed so to speak, but there are five reasons that may help shed light on this strange fantasy.


Let’s face it, as male fantasies go, having your wife sleep with another man in your bed while you watch is right at the edge of what’s considered dangerous or out of bounds. Even suggesting a threesome in which another woman joins you and your wife doesn’t seem as odd as inviting a man into your bed, because men are so dominance-based when it comes to the bedroom, and the presence of another man usually triggers conflict related to who’s the alpha-dog. But the very fact that it’s forbidden may be a primary reason some guys enjoy sharing their wives with other men. It’s different, unusual and goes against the grain, which may increase the arousal factor for men who engage in wife sharing.

Like Giving Up Control

Allowing another man to have sex with your wife as you watch, also involves ceding control of the bedroom. You’re no longer in charge of a sacred space in your house, and in the minds of some men, giving up that control may show that they love their wives enough to feel emasculated. By letting go of 'macho’ notions of who runs the bedroom, these men may feel that they’ll grow closer and more intimate with their wives, because they’re willing to allow their wives to have the freedom to have sex with another man. Studies have shown that women who are given various freedoms such as being on top or being allowed to use toys on their husbands, experience a sense of empowerment that can strengthen their relationship. Having sex with a man other than their husband to whom women feel attracted, certainly falls under that category of empowerment.

Performance Issues

Some men share their wives with other men because they’ve lost the ability to please their women in bed and want to vicariously experience sexual pleasure as it’s given to the woman they can’t satisfy. In these instances, the man who’s invited to have sex with the wife is a kind of gigolo. His purpose is to give pleasure so that the wife is sexually fulfilled and the husband who isn’t quite up to the task anymore can feel aroused as he watches, even though he’s not the one pleasing his wife. Performance issues don’t always relate to a lack of confidence or skill, they are often a direct result of some kind of accident or injury that deprives a man of his sexual dynamism. Some men want to watch a man with a much larger penis please his wife, and the wife is always curious to see what a larger one feels like. Read more:[Statistics prove that women prefer men with bigger penises]


Some men share their wives because they think of them as prostitutes and enjoy watching them become sullied by having sex with strangers. It’s a strange irony because a man who hates women (a misogynist) already has a low opinion of the female gender, and to 'test’ out his theory, may push his own wife to deplorable acts to confirm that she is in fact worthless. This is a very rare instance but it must be brought up.

To Save a Marriage

Some men share their wives because they want to keep them and they know their wives have become bored with sex with the same man all the time. They agree to let their wives have sex with strangers as long as they can watch. The pleasure comes not only in watching their wives enjoy the act, but in knowing that when it’s over, they’ll still be married to that woman, while the stranger has to leave. Though this may not be a long-term solution to a dissolving marriage, it can prolong a relationship as long as the man is willing to tolerate a lot of different men in his bedroom. Read more: [Why swingers have lower divorce rates]

As with many sexual fantasies, there are other reasons men enjoy sharing their wives with other men, but knowing some of the more common reasons may help you evaluate the sources of your own particular fantasies. Some men immediately join wife sharing sites as a couple and find a single man to start watching the wife.