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5 Reasons Faber lost to Aldo, video replay of the fights

Here are 5 reason Urijah Faber lost to Aldo last night at WEC 48. Now there were some great fights and some big "upsets" if you think Urijah Faber is really as good as the Amp commercials would have you believe. Don't me wrong,, we Love Faber but he simply looked horrible last night and his loss was tough to watch. Here are 5 reasons he lost and what he could have done to win.

1. He had no idea how to block or check a leg kick, and Aldo had some viscous leg kicks. He did not raise his leg up, he did not turn it sideways, he did not roll with the kick. He leaned forward and let the kick hit him again and again in the leg and his only defense was to change side and let the kick hit him in the other leg. 

2. He doesn't know how to box. He has no jab, no combinations and no style. He just keep up a pawing motion, like he was fighting a total amateur. Who Aldo is not and he paid the price dearly.

3. He doesn't know how to kick the legs or kick hard. All of his kicks were clearly telegraphed and he looked very tentative. It was like he never intended to hurt Aldo with the kicks, but rather used them to set up "superman" punches and spinning back kicks.

4. He has terrible trainers who can't adapt to the fight and seemed to only be able to give him pep talks instead of actual advise on how to counter the strikes, and kicks of Aldo.

5. He doesn't have World Class Jiu Jitsu and he had no chance on the ground against the Black Belt Aldo. His corner doesn't know any thing to tell him to do on the ground and he does not know anything to stop Aldo on the ground either. 

So what could Faber have done to beat Aldo. Nothing, he was outclassed and he could not have done anything to win this fight against this great fighter. He simply had no chance. 

But he is still one of our favorite fighters. He is colorful, cool and classy. He just is not going to be the WEC Champion ever again, but he will keep his job with the WEC as long as he wants. He is their most bankable star. Sorry we had to see that last night. You can see replays at

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  • don 5 years ago

    agree 100 was pitifull to watch.

  • the_results 5 years ago

    Is the hype finally over? Is the WAY over rated Faber finally understood to be the mediocre fighter he actually is? Does anyone realize he has beat NO ONE of consequence? Sure he's fast, sure he's unorthodox - but an actual fighting skill set? Nope.

    If there hadn't been so much promotional hype touting Faber as the savior of the universe, I might judge him a little less harshly. His fights with Brown really proved he's not a champion worthy fighter. He folds in the presence of a quality fighter. Aldo, is a step up to everyone in the WEC. But unfortunately, that's not really saying much, especially if Brown, a former champion, lost to Manny G. Now I know everyone gets caught, and I don't want to take anything away from Manny, but, I would say Brown has a better fighting skill set and is more well rounded than Gamburyan (sp?) and on paper, he shouldn't have lost. On paper, and in reality however, Uriah Faber shouldn't have and didn't win.

  • suprize suprize 1 year ago

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