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5 Reasons Faber lost to Aldo, video replay of the fights


  • don 6 years ago

    agree 100 was pitifull to watch.

  • the_results 6 years ago

    Is the hype finally over? Is the WAY over rated Faber finally understood to be the mediocre fighter he actually is? Does anyone realize he has beat NO ONE of consequence? Sure he's fast, sure he's unorthodox - but an actual fighting skill set? Nope.

    If there hadn't been so much promotional hype touting Faber as the savior of the universe, I might judge him a little less harshly. His fights with Brown really proved he's not a champion worthy fighter. He folds in the presence of a quality fighter. Aldo, is a step up to everyone in the WEC. But unfortunately, that's not really saying much, especially if Brown, a former champion, lost to Manny G. Now I know everyone gets caught, and I don't want to take anything away from Manny, but, I would say Brown has a better fighting skill set and is more well rounded than Gamburyan (sp?) and on paper, he shouldn't have lost. On paper, and in reality however, Uriah Faber shouldn't have and didn't win.

  • suprize suprize 2 years ago

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