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5 reason to visit the Davis Square farmers' market

Copicut Farms sells their own chickens in Davis Square
Jane Ward

We're officially into the swing of summer, and all over the Boston area, shoppers have their choice of outdoor markets and other sources for the freshest meat, produce and specialty items. One such is the Davis Square Farmers Market, located at the Corner of Day and Herbert Streets. Here's a cross section of what you'll find:

1. Copicut Farms

Specializing in pasture-raised, hand-butchered poultry, Copicut is located in North Dartmouth, and brings its products to you at a variety of markets throughout the city, including Davis Square. On sale at their booth are fresh eggs and whole chickens, as well legs, wings, and breasts frozen and vacuum sealed for freshness. Not sure what to do with all that poultry? Take one of the recipe cards at the booth for some local inspiration.

2. Union Square Donuts

If you haven't tried Somerville's favorite dessert yet, you really have to, if only to introduce some variety into your expectations of what a doughnut should taste like. These small batch treats are a little bit springy, and even the plain ones have a full bodied flavor, complemented rather than overwhelmed by added flavors such as toasted coconut and maple bacon.

3. Matt's Amazing Smokehouse

If you missed their recent write-up in Edible Boston, The Amazing Smokehouse, boasting "smoked fish with a touch of class," is located in Sudbury and run by Matt Bauman, who hand-selects his catch fresh from the boats at Boston's Fish Pier, and then smokes them himself in small batches for sustainable ingredients with optimal flavor.

4. Kimball Fruit Farm

Anyone familiar with the usual suspects at a Boston area farmers' market has likely purchased produce from Kimball Fruit Farm on at least once occasion. Needing two tents to hold their vast array of goods, Kimball is the place to go for a rotating menu of seasonal fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, and peaches, as well as cucumbers, carrots, onions, and several varieties of salad greens.

5. River Rock Farm

For red meat raised on local pastures, be sure to look for River Rock Farm's booth. Based in Brimfield, River Rock provides a variety of cuts of beef that are available year round via individual purchase or through a CSA. Never treated with hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, River Rock's cattle graze on a comfortable amount of land, with plenty of access to shade and protection from the elements.

Davis Square Farmers' Market takes place every Wednesday through November from 12 noon to 6:00PM.

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