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5 Really Whacky Stories on Time and Space

Photo by Frazer Harrison

This first one is reminiscent of the Little Engine that Could except it’s an amazing story about the little star ship that could. But it really is a story about what and where nothing has ever gone before. An 8 Track with some Wanderlust that will ride on forever!

While you’re “out there” you may want to visit here. But bring some anti-aging cream because on this planet every day is one year! You know there’s something out there, if only we could still be around when we finally get there!

Well speaking of aging well, this woman is 26,000 years old and looks great! In fact she looked so good she was chosen to be immortalized in ivory but maybe it should have been Palmolive. “You’re soaking in it” as Madge would say. For you youngsters, that was a reference to a 1970’S TV commercial. Man am I showing my age!

Well this next woman is only 600 years old but check out this sexy bra! Wow great quote too. “Many a woman takes two breastbags with them as she roams the streets, so that all the young men that look at her can see her beautiful breasts; But whose breasts are too large, makes tight pouches, so there is gossip in the city about her big breasts.”

And just to bring us up to date and in case you missed it, here’s an update on the scariest new technology today as featured at the recent South by Southwest Interactive Conference. The robots will soon be able to collaborate and communicate and help us then ultimately enslave us. We’ve seen this movie before except it was only a movie. Now it’s real yikes!

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