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5 Rapid weight loss tips for results you can see

5 Rapid weight loss tips for results you can see
5 Rapid weight loss tips for results you can see

If you want to lose weight chances are you have been thinking about it for some time now, and that is good for the body mind and soul for many reasons. Making it manifest on many levels comes by thinking the process and making your mind up.

The number one tip to rapid weight loss is making up your mind to lose weight in the first place. Not being wishy-washy about it, not putting the time and date off, not doing it because someone else says you should, but make the decision and getting off the “Should I or Shouldn’t I” fence. Just like your friends, family and co-workers get tired of hearing about your bad relationship that you take no steps towards action to leave, so is the decision to lose weight, shut up and do it. You will not be successful until you make the decision you are going to lose weight, period.

Tip #2-Knock off the bread and fried foods. There is no nutritional value in fried batter. Add fried batter to grease and you have no nutritional fat. Why bother if you are losing weight to keep fit. Granted some breads have been nutritionally enhanced with vitamins, you will have less calories to burn, and less time spent working it off, if you just leave it off your plate altogether. A flour tortilla or a pita if you must.

Tip #3-Drink water and nothing else. Water flushes out the toxins and crud in your cracks and crevices. Beverages are nothing but empty calories. Oh sure you can find an excuse for drinking it but let’s get real. You want rapid weight loss, drop all beverages, you will notice the results in a weeks time. The only exception is real fruit juice, not made from concentrate but real, no chemical additives, but real fruit juice and sport drinks.

By sport drinks, these are non-caffeinated sport drinks that are cut in half by water. For example for every four ounces of sport drink, add four ounces of water, shake and drink. Sport drinks and real fruit juices are necessary if you are physically active and need to replace lost electrolytes like you are involved in endurance sports or if you have a physically active job you work.

Tip #4-You must workout, by doing exercises, lifting weights or start doing cardiovascular fitness. There is no way around this one. You must burn the calories off. If you are just starting to lose old weight that you have gained by being sedentary over time, years, then you need to burn off way more than you are taking in. Twenty minutes a day will not be enough. Doing it just three times a week is not enough. If you are starting off with a health problem, too obese, recovering from surgery and you have been to a doctor and he or she tells you to start off slow then by all means adhere to that sound advice. Twenty minutes to start will do, heck five minutes to start will do, just get started, but you need to increase it over time until you reach and hour and hold it there until you reach your goal. If you can do more, bonus.

Tip #5-Stop eating after three o’clock PM. There’s no beating around the bush with this one. How physically active are you after you go home from work, eat dinner and sit down to watch television for the evening? You’re not. If this one blows you away and you must eat when you get home after work at five o’clock. Then eat your dinner at lunch, and eat a small lunch when you come home, and that’s it for the evening. No more food.

If you must eat after dinner or between meals, you can have fruit, nothing else, because fruit is digested in 5-15 minutes and is ready to move out of your body. It’s a fact, you can eat all the fruit you want and not gain an ounce.

If you eat a large meal or eat all the way until you go to bed, it can take 3-4 hours to digest-if it is proportioned right and the proper foods- if you are eating overly large portions, meals and fast food, it may take 3-4 days to digest what you have eaten. Putrification and fementation sets in, causing gas, bloating, indigestion, heart burn, toxic build up, constipation, diahrea, headaches, immune system breakdown and fat is gained and over time disease sets in.

The same goes for waking up in the night and eating. Your assimilation process never gets started because now your body has to go back and start the digestion process. Now you will be getting up in a couple of hours to eat breakfast and your body never gets to fully assimilate and process your food. What a mess, no wonder your body is out of whack.

You will sleep poorly, if at all and your body will have no time to assimilate the food you have eaten. It takes at least six hours for your body to assimilate food into nutrients and ship them off to the organs and systems of the body. Your body does this while you sleep. Your body needs you to stop eating for at least 3-4 hours before you go to bed to be able to start the assimilation process, digestion must be over with.

Cheers to your new resolve.

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