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5 quick tips for winter bird watching and feeding

Winter bird feeding
Winter bird feeding
Karen K. Calvert

Bird watching is a relaxing and peaceful pastime for any season. In the winter it is especially helpful because food is usually not as plentiful and you can provide a safe area for them to come. Sitting and viewing a bird feeder nestled in a tree or on a post in your yard is only one of the fantastic ways to enjoy the splendid beauty of nature.

It can be enjoyed by young and old, all you need to get started is:

  • Good location – Make sure that your feeder is in a good location so birds can access it easily without harm. No bird wants to be a meal for a predator. Plus this would be a cruel way to treat them. Put the feeder high enough out of a predators reach but, do not put it too high to maintain or fill.


  • Feeder – Make sure your feeder is of good quality and construction. You can purchase feeders from your local store, online, or you can make your own.


  • Bird seed or food – Purchase bird seed from a reputable dealer so that you are sure there are no harmful chemicals or additives so you do not promote illness or contamination. Most stores offer a variety of feed for different birds; try to keep your feeder filled with seed that different species consume to get a good variety of visitors.


  • Time – Make sure you have time to watch your feeder for the different species and try to see if you can name the different species.


  • Maintenance - Make sure to maintain your feeder as well, cleaning the feeder is one of the most overlooked points except for keeping it filled with seed. Birds tend to come back to feeders throughout the year. So keeping it clean and filled is an important part of attracting them.

If you do decide to put up a bird feeder, keep it filled all year long even in the warmer months. This will ensure that the birds keep returning and you may even need to add a few more to keep up with all the visitors.


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