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5 Qualities You Want In Your Reputation Brand Manager

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Revision: Please note that Ashlea's Twitter handle has since been changed.

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When hiring someone to manage your reputation, it's important that you do your research. For instance, what is their reputation? If they've managed to maintain their own reputation, then it is easier to hand over your brand and business to someone else.

It is extremely hard to trust others with your face and name, which is why you often find family members maintaining celebrities' social media profiles.

One wrong tweet or Facebook post coming from your account and you could lose followers, sponsorships, credibility. Translation: money, money, money.

That is why it surprised me over the weekend when Scottsdale based, "Celebrity" Reputation and Brand Manager, Ashlea Nichols (, began accosting me on the internet over my physical appearance. It reminded me of when Ex-PR exec Justine Sacco was fired over her tweet, "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding." Do people not think before they tweet? The encounter made me wonder what qualities celebrities and businesses SHOULD look for in a Reputation and Brand Manager...

1. An individual or business that does not boast about recreational drug use and arrests on their public social media profiles.

2. An individual or business that clearly knows proper grammar.

3. An individual or business that doesn't get publicly caught in a lie.

4. Avoid an individual or business that pursues arguments online.

5. Avoid an individual or business that is often photographed with alcohol in their hand.

In conclusion, do the opposite of this individual.

PS. If you're going to brand yourself as a social media expert, my Mom should probably not have 4 times the amount of Twitter followers as you.