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5 powerful ways to market your business online

Everything you think you know about marketing your business has changed since the internet and social media has entered the picture. How small businesses market via the internet can be the difference between success and failure. In reality, there are so many articles, books and seminars available, that making the right choices can be overwhelming. Furthermore, many small businesses are hindered due to limited marketing budgets, making online marketing even more challenging.

A great online marketing strategy is a crucial tool for any business. For your business to be profitable, it is necessary for people know about your company, products and services. A first-rate online marketing strategy will help.
After meeting with small business owners and researching various online marketing options, here are the strategies I found to be most useful.

1. Build an outstanding company website. All business owners should start with an attractive website. Your website will help showcase your business and will make your company look more professional. Your website should be up-to-date, visually appealing to your customers, and is easy to use (navigate). The website building services used by many small business owners are, Weebly, and

2. Start your own blog. A blog is an excellent marketing tool for small companies. The advantage of starting a company blog can completely outweigh the work involve of creating content material. Many business owners in the know tout the benefits of blogs; from a blog’s ability to generate vital leads to bringing customers to the website.

3. Grow your email list using social media. Why is email one of the most effective marketing tools you’ll ever use because, for most consumers, it is the most used channel of communication! More than 10% of leads are generated through email marketing. A few quick ways to increase your email list include:

- Using a sign-up form on your facebook or website page
- Entice subscribers to sign up using free stuff and giveaways on your social media channels
- Utilize Google Analytics UTM parameters to track which social media networks drive traffic to your lead generation sources
- Offer a newsletter, product discount or free eBook to encourage email sign up
- Host a webinar to grow your email list
- Sponsor a contest or sweepstakes – Try using a facebook app to run the activity

4. Send out a monthly electronic press release. A monthly press release is a marketing must for today’s small business. Press releases or e-releases are frequently sent by email or via a newswire. The release can be an addition to a media kit or may be along with a pitch letter.

Reporters may use it as an individual story, for reference or as part of a larger article. There are several free newswire distribution services (a few examples are,, and as well as paid services (for example,, and Note: The paid services are more reliable and will give you better media placement.

5. Develop an ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.
Nothing will happen with your website if no one can find it on search engines. To gain the best exposure on search engines, you must constantly work on your website, monitoring your statistics and developing your website. It is also vital to frequently keep your site up-to-date by using specific keywords and on building quality links.

Wrapping up
An excellent online marketing strategy is essential to the success of your small business. Whether you are a new business owner or seasoned, utilizing established online marketing strategies in this article will help to cultivate new customers and clients and offer unprecedented growth.

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