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5 Pokemon that deserve new evolutions

While there probably won’t be any new standard evolutions in the upcoming Pokemon games, one can dream, can’t they? Here’s our list of five Pokemon that deserve new evolutions that can either change their perceptions entirely or give them even more value.

5 Pokemon that deserve new evolutions

Audino: This guy is a pushover in singles bouts, plain and simple. His one redeeming quality is that he gives players a ton of experience points when he faints. You might even be able to say he serves a propose in doubles and triples matches, but that’s a bit of a stretch too. Considering that, what if he had a late level evolution, say 75, that would grant even more XP for beating him, but would be a grotesque and nastier version of the cute cuddly thing that it is now? Add a good 150 to all of his stats and that would be a nice payback for all those years on the sidelines.

Pinsir: This just makes sense. He’s a damn strong bug and his mega evolution is cool, but considering all the attention paid to Scyther the past few games and it’s fair to say Pinsir deserves a new item-based evolution. Since Scyther uses Metal Coat and gains the Steel tag, why couldn’t Pinsir, who’s already a bit scary looking, gain a Dark or Ghost tag? Be pretty cool to see (another) Ghost Bug in the game.

Lapras: This dude has been around forever and gets no love. A mere utensil for sea travel, Lapras needs an evolution that shows off all of those years of dependable service. Perhaps a bigger frame and some attention paid to his tiny horn and nonexistent teeth would do the trick.

Dedenne: Adorable isn’t the word. The fairy/electric type is an awesome choice for gamers that have patience, but the lack of an evolutionary chain hurts his overall appeal. Much like Pikachu, a fatter, somewhat more aggressive evolution would do wonders for this useful Pokemon.

Hawlucha: Much like Dedenne, Hawlucha is a useful Pokemon that could be so much cooler if he evolved and gained a bit more speed and power. Now a luchadore wrestler, it would be awesome to see it put on some weight and some muscles. Another signature move to go with the Flying Press would be awesome too.

Do you agree? Is there a Pokemon you think deserves to be on this list? Sound off in the comment section below.

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