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5 places to swim with dolphins this summer

Looking for something different and memorable to do with the family this summer? How about swimming with dolphins. Definitely a fun family memory. You can do it as a family or just one or two of you go and enjoy the experience. Prices will vary depending on where you choose to go for the experience and how many are in your party. This is definitely an outing to budget for and plan because it does cost a little bit of money. Here are 5 places right here in Florida and not to far from us here at home that you can visit and swim with dolphins

Places to visit and swim with dolphins this summer.
Places to visit and swim with dolphins this summer.
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
Swimming with dolphins this summer near Jacksonville
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images
  1. Marineland - Marineland has several different dolphin encounters you can do. The Immersion is the most popular of them and you can spend time with the dolphins both in shallow water and swimming with them in the deep. It is for ages 5 years old and up and the cost is around $229 per person. FYI participants under 10 years old must have a paying adult. This experience will last about 60 minutes. Another program which I personally think is cool is the Dolphin Design encounter. This program combines art and dolphins which is pretty cool right? A dolphin will actually paint on a canvas while you hold it up. This program is for ages 5 and up and is prices at $99 a person. (located in St.Augustine , Florida)
  2. Discovery Cove - Discovery Cove offers a truly unique experience. Children must be 6 years old to swim with the dolphins and have a paying adult with them from 6-12. Not only will you enjoy a 30 minute swim with dolphins here there is so much more. Tropical fish, otters , snorkeling and a day of island luxury can be found . Special offers for Florida residents begin at $219 per person. (location Orlando, Florida)
  3. Dolphin Research Center - The Dolphin Research Center has several different programs focusing on dolphin encounters. They not only have the Dolphin Encounter ($199 per person), they also have The Dolphin Dip which looks great for the family ($119 per person) participants stand on a submerged platform and interact with a dolphin. They also offer painting with a dolphin , and even hugging a sea lion programs. Definitely a place your family can make a memory or two. (located in Grassy Key , FL)
  4. Miami Seaquarium- One thing that is nice about doing the dolphin encounter here is that you will also get admission into the Aquarium. This encounter begins in the classroom where you'll learn a little bit about the animals you're about to be in the water with. From there you will stand in shallow water and the dolphin will swim up to you. There is no actual swimming with this one. Prices begin at $139 for adults and $99 for a child participant. All children must have a paid adult with them. Older children may only need a paid observer.
  5. Gulf World Marine Park - Gulf World Marine Park has an awesome dolphin experience. Participants must be 5 years old or older and the price is $175 (including a pass for the day to Gulf World). This experience may include a dolphin pull around the exhibit or even a dolphin kiss or two. The duration for this experience is from 60-80 minutes however only about 25 minutes are in water time with a dolphin. (Located in Panama City Beach , Florida)

There you have it 5 locations for you to visit this summer and have an encounter with a dolphin.

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