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5 Places to Get a Quick, Healthy Breakfast in Boston

Whole-Grain Oatmeal with old-fashioned and steel-cut oats

It is the time of year again to think about health and New Year's resolutions. But not everyone has time to plan ahead and prepare a meal at home! So check out these 5 options to grab a quick breakfast.

1. Au Bon Pain

Various Locations

This chain restaurant has locations in almost every neighborhood including in the Back Bay and Financial District surrounded by area businesses. Fruit cups, egg white sandwiches on a skinny bagel, yogurt parfaits, and hard boiled eggs are just a few of the options to start the day in a lower calorie yet filling way.

2. Scali Deli

147 Pearl Street Boston, MA 02110

With a diner like restaurant seating area and quick service at the to-go line, Scali has absolutely everything you could ask for in the morning. Create your own, made to order veggie packed egg white omelet with wheat toast and a coffee for under $10.

3. Boloco

Various Locations

For a high protein breakfast, order up an egg bowl with black beans along with some tomato salsa at this local burrito joint. If you are calorie counting, the website features nutritional information for every single item on the menu! They also have delicious fruit smoothies as well.

4. Starbucks

Various Locations

Besides the coffee drinks we crave, Starbucks has expanded their menu to offer reduced fat breakfast sandwiches and warm steel-cut oatmeal with your pick of toppings amongst the other food offerings.

5. Subway

Various Locations

Another chain restaurant, not to be left out as a healthy place for breakfast is Subway. Beside their infamous subs, for breakfast they have a 200 calorie and under menu. Choose from egg whites, ham and cheese, or egg whites and veggies, or go for the steak and egg sandwich, all served warm on the low calorie flat bread.

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