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5 Places to Fan Up For Real Madrid v AS Roma in Dallas

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Better act the part, this is real football with real fans
Better act the part, this is real football with real fans
Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

One thing is for sure: soccer fans are always eager to represent their teams when attending a match. When scanning crowds throughout stadiums, you will see fans with face paint, banners, flags, jerseys and even instruments to play music that goes with their team’s chants. Tailgating and delicious food is also involved when representing your team. To ensure an overall great time at the game, all of these steps have to be done right.

It is a certainty that Madridistas, Real Madrid fans, and Roma fans will be wearing their colors and waving flags at the Cotton Bowl Stadium on July 29 for the Group A match between the two teams for the Guinness International Champions Cup. This match is one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament. So if you plan to attend this intense event, you better fan up. Here are five things you can do to fan up for an event like Real Madrid v AS Roma.

1. Get Jerseys

If you get to Dallas and you don’t have your team’s jersey, you should probably visit a few places in Dallas that have soccer paraphernalia. One place is Soccer Premier located in north Dallas and it has plenty of jerseys to choose from. Another good shop to check out is Deportes Najera. Both of these stores are located in Dallas and are ready to help you fan up for the Real Madrid v AS Roma match.

2. Get Face or Body Paint

If you do not have your team’s jersey, you could instead paint your face or body to represent your team’s colors. In Dallas, Asel Art Supply has all you need to show that vivacious team spirit. All you have to do is pick up your team’s colors and go to work.

3. Tailgating Supplies

Tailgating is very important when attending any sporting event. Head to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority or REI Store to find supplies such as coolers, small BBQs, etc. Then you can set up shop in the parking lot of Cotton Bowl Stadium and take it all in in true soccer fashion.

4. Italian Food

If you’re going to tailgate at an AS Roma soccer game, you might as well visit an Italian market to see what goodies can be bought for tailgating. In Dallas, head to Jimmy’s Food Store, Carbone’s or the Central Market to get some great Italian food to take the tailgate. Capish?

5. Spanish Food

If you are a Madridista and want Spanish food for tailgating, you might want to visit Fiesta Mart on Ross Avenue. Here you can stock up on Spanish cuisine that can be fired up at the tailgate. That spice will have you screaming with delight for your beloved Read Madrid.

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