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5 people you never thought Howard Stern would apologize to

'Tis better to forgive than to receive?
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Howard Stern can dish it out, but who knew that he could take it all back? Kathie Lee Gifford, a longtime target of Stern's mockery, appeared on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" on Thursday night where she revealed never before heard details about Stern's heartfelt apology to her two years ago.

Stern "bumped into" Gifford when he was promoting his first year on "America's Got Talent" back in 2012 after decades of roasting her on the Howard Stern Show. Stern told his audience about the awkward encounter and said "I wish I had more time to speak with her" after she was, apparently, as gracious as could be despite his ruthless exploitation of her husband Frank's sex scandal back in 1997. Read the article about the awkward encounter here

Kathie Lee shared some very humbling details about a call she received from Stern shortly after the encounter in which he reportedly asked her: "Can you ever forgive me?" See the video clip here

Gifford's heartfelt apology from the King of All Media is far from the first one he's dished out in recent years. Regrets? It seems he's had a few. Check out the list of the "Top 5 Celebrities You Never Thought Howard Stern Would Apologize To" below:

  1. Rosie O'Donnell: Howard Stern didn't just make the offhand, off-color remark about Rosie O'Donnell. He straight up ripped her to shreds, which culminated in a cruel but characteristic running bit in which Stern asked guests to guess how many jellybeans were in the "Big, Fat Rosie O'Donnell Head" replica he kept in studio. Everything changed, though, when O'Donnell called in to the show in 2008 and delivered a fearless, open-hearted interview that launched a friendship between the two that still endures six years later. Stern even got O'Donnell a (short-lived) Sirius XM gig to broadcast her own show "Rosie Radio" the next year. O'Donnell later admitted that she had been absolutely terrified of Stern and referred to him as her own personal "Lord Voldemort." Read the story here
  2. Ellen Degeneres: Stern threw every insult in the book at Degeneres over the years, including saying that the talk show host desperately wanted "to be a man" and that she was "too ugly to be a Cover Girl." Everything changed when a conservative lobby group called "One Million Moms" attempted to organize a boycott against JC Penney after the department store hired Degeneres as their new spokeswoman, saying that her openly gay lifestyle was no match for a "family" department store. After years of trashing Degeneres on a regular basis, Stern went ape on those conspiring against her because of her sexual orientation. Moved nearly to tears by his rage, Stern announced that he would organize his own boycott of JC Penney if Degeneres lost her position. Soon afterwards, Degeneres called Stern to thank him and he that he had a "a lot to answer for" in terms of his brutal insults toward her over the years. Read the story here
  3. Mariah Carey: No Stern Show fan could ever forget the KOAM's roasting of Mariah Carey when she was in her classic "complaining about my lambs" phase. Stern regularly played clips from Carey's website and ripped the pop singer for her pretentiousness. Then, in 2012, he got a job on "America's Got Talent" which just happened to be hosted by some guy named Nick Cannon who just happened to be married to Carey. So, that was awkward. Stern invited the couple over to his Hamptons estate to "clear the air" a few months after the gig started and told his audience that both Carey and Cannon were very "gracious" about his apology. Read the story here
  4. Lena Dunham: On January 7, 2013, Howard Stern ripped "Girls" creator and star Lena Dunham, calling her a "little fat chick" and a camera hog. One week later, he had dubbed her a "little Woody Allen" and had her on the show just so that he could personally fawn all over her, apologize and tell her what a genius she is. The Stern-Dunham feud was one of the briefest in the King of All Media's history, which just makes it all the more incredulous. Fans of the Stern Show of the 80s and 90s could never have imagined Stern would backtrack on a mean fat joke so fast, nor that he would announce he was a fan of such a total chick show. Read the story on Stern's make-up with Dunham here
  5. Kathie Lee Gifford: The fact that Howard Stern apologized to Kathie Lee for his brutal ridicule of her husband Frank's 1997 affair is, perhaps, the most profound evidence to date that Stern has changed his ways for good. When news of the affair broke, Stern announced that he had exclusive video of Frank with his mistress Suzan Johnson and said he would only hold off on playing it if Kathie Lee and Frank appeared in studio for a live interview. Lawyers blocked Stern's right to play the tapes, but the KOAM never stopped ripping on the Giffords, their children or their wholesome Christian life style--that is, until he found himself face to face with her on the set of "TODAY." Gifford told "Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen that Stern asked her: "Can you ever forgive me?" and said he had lashed out at her because he was enraged that she was "everything I wasn't." See the video clip here

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