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Archery Challenge
Archery Challenge

5 hobbies Christian Slater and Nicolas Cage should pick up instead of acting:

1) Archery: After Christian’s performance in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Nic’s performance in The Weather Man, it’s possible these two can join the U.S. Archery Team.
2) Prank Call Radio Show: Since they are used to humiliation on the big screen, maybe they can salvage their careers as prank callers on their own radio show. You call in with a request and they’ll handle the rest. At least this way no one has to see their ridiculous receding hair lines.
3) Strip Club Owners: They could call it Slater’s Cages and all of the strippers’ names would be characters Christian and Nic have played in their movies. Now on stage the dynamic duo of Memphis Raines and Riley Hale!
4) Guest Speakers: Much like a lot of has-beens, these guys could go around giving speeches to young generations of what not to do with their lives. Being someone who can provide honest and helpful information based on terrible decisions is a solid definition of a role model.
5) Match Makers: Forget about Eharmony and try Chris & Nic’s 100% affective dating service. Send a picture of yourself with a short bio and your desires in a partner and they will hunt down the right candidates for you. For all of you singles out there; keep your doors locked as there are two leather jacket wearing middle aged men out to hook you up!