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5 on Friday!

Slater at his best!
Slater at his best!

5 events Christian Slater should attend during 2010:

1) The Vatican: The Pope has important things to say and who better to stand by his side than Christian?

2) The International House of Pancakes annual pancake eating challenge: Not sure if they have one of these, but if they did, Christian would certainly be able to take down anyone (even Crazy Legs) with butter pecan syrup!

3) The Academy Awards: Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin are hosting this year, but that doesn’t seem fit for this year’s Oscars. It should really be hosted by Christian on this because why not?

4) All of the Kentucky Wildcats tournament games: He should sit directly behind Ashley Judd and taunt her every time UK misses a basket. This could either end badly or really well for him. ;-)

5) Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: This one is a no-brainer. He’s smart, kind, considerate, good looking, full of love, etc. Besides, think of all of the chicks he will be able to make love to after doing this show.