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5 on Friday!


5 accessories a man needs to be more successful:

1) A mustache: A nice trimmed stache can really show elegance. Just make sure it's not one of those thick ones that construction workers use, they might have a bit of dirt in get caught in there, among other things.

2) A watch: If you can't afford a Rolex, a nice leather strap or at least something analogue would be classy. Anything with rubber is only classy when you're in the bedroom..

3) A briefcase: Something to carry around really gives people the sense that you are important. No one needs to know that you actually just keep your Magic the Gathering card collection in there.

4) A cigarette lighter: Even if you don't smoke, the amount of executives that smoke cigarettes and cigars is high, so why not assist them on the light. It's a way to start a conversation as well. Everyone needs a light!

5) A bluetooth headset: despite looking like a douche walking down the city streets, it really can be affective when you're holding your briefcase.