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5 on Friday!

Two sexes, one standard.
Two sexes, one standard.

5 double standards between men and women that shouldn’t be:

1) Shaving: Guys prefer for women to be well groomed, so why shouldn’t guys also keep their yards clean?

2) Toilet seat: Why is it that men have to always put the seat down? Couldn’t women also try putting the seat up? How many idiots actually fall into the bowl anyway?

3) Bar Dancing: So it is understandable why bars allow/persuade girls to dance on the bar, but what is mind-boggling is why guys can’t dance on the bar? It’s definitely not because guys don’t look sexy doing it, so why the blatant disrespect?

4) High school athletics: If guys get to play football, why are girls stuck with field hockey? Not to say that field hockey is a dumb sport or even that it is a “sissy” one, but why can’t girls play football if they want? Every other sport is geared for both males and females.

5) WE Channel: So now women get to have their own channel just for shows that cater towards their interests? If they had a men’s network that would just be looked at as sexist. Let’s face it, that this is a bit ridiculous.